February 6, 2013

The Dream House

I've mentioned this "dream house" a few times lately so I thought I would elaborate a little bit.

Right now we are in a small, 3 bedroom house.  It's ok for us right now, but it feels like we are quickly outgrowing it.  We plan on buying a bigger house with a bigger yard, preferably a little closer to Madison (but not mandatory) and a good school district.  I want to be in a new house before baby #3, IF there is a baby #3.  More on all of that another day.

So besides a big yard, location and schools, what else is on our must have lists?  I have started two different lists.  One for "must haves" and one for "would be nice".  Here is what I have so far, in no particular order:

Must Haves
Open floor plan
At least 4 bedrooms
Finished basement
3 gar garage
Flat driveway for basketball hoop
Whirlpool tub in master bath
Wood floors - at least in kitchen
Big enough master bedroom for a king bed

Would Be Nice
Double vanity in master bath
Stainless steel appliances
Granite countertops
Bar in basement
Mud room
Big front porch that we can sit and relax and watch it rain (yes, I'm old)

You know, something like this...

Tyler and I have always said we could never build our own house.  We (mostly me) are way too indecisive.  I don't see us enjoying picking out every little detail.  We had a hard enough time deciding on things for the basement.  But as we continue looking at what's out there, the thought of building has crossed our minds.  I don't think our must haves are too "out there".

Realistically though, we likely won't put our house up for sale until next year.  So we have time to figure it out!

What am I missing?  What would be in your dream house?


  1. Oh, I wish that would be my dream house! I never thought I would have three kids in a three bedroom, but we are doing it---living right outside NYC, the cost of living is RIDICULOUS! One day I will have my dream home, but we may have to move away from here in order to get it:)


  2. I always think I'm in the minority when "dream house" discussions come up haha. Because I've had many friends build and others talk about their dream houses some day, and the lists of must haves, etc. are sometimes a little crazy! "must have" self closing drawers and glass tile backsplashes and french doors and a walkin pantry etc....lol. I always end up thinking about how my dad didn't even have a bathroom in his house until high school :-P

    Your must haves are much simpler and closer to what mine were when we were looking! I wanted at least 4 bedrooms, a large yard, quiet neighborhood, finished basement, and open floor plan. Other than that I'm of the thinking that we can change pretty much anything else down the road if we want to, but usually after I live with something awhile I realize I am not motivated to change it anymore lol :-)

  3. That house is gorgeous! I have always told Joe if we build, I would be leaving everything up to him, because I just can't settle on a decision either. I know that I want a big kitchen that is open out to the family room, and a very large pantry is a must!

  4. I love your dream house list! I also have a walk in pantry on my list of must have's for my dream house! With four kids it is something that is a necessity! It's also nice to meet a fellow WI blogger!

  5. We have LITERALLY the exact same must have/would like list. My only addition is an attached garage and mud room, which is not a given in some of the areas by us. We don't have one now, and it SUCKS taking the baby out in the cold and snow.

  6. Your must-haves are very similar to what we dream of having one day, once we have kids to put in a big pretty house like that :) A must- have on my list is a larger kitchen with a big pantry also. We don't have a pantry at all right now, and our cabinets are stuffed full haha. I love to cook, so I want to be able to access everything easily when I do!

  7. Well you are missing a mother/mother-in-law wing for when I get older. HaHa
    I love your dream home though!


  8. Amy when we built, we had everyone we know right down their regrets and "wish they would have list".. so we had every thing covered.. we still have regrets and wish we would haves ..lol

  9. Hello Baby #3! Lol ;-) Did anyone else catch that? No, but that house is stunning. The porch would be perfect for when I come to visit, we can have adult beverages out there. But only in the summer, I limit my trips to the frozen tundra in the winter lol. We are in the same boat, outgrowing our current home and making plans to probably build. Which totally overwhelms me & gives me anxiety because I too, am extremely indecisive. But your list is a good start! My Pinterest board for my fictitious new home keeps me dreaming. One thing we are pretty set on is a main floor Master Bedroom bc we want it to be our forever home - so when the kids are gone, we don't have to hobble up & down stairs. There are several features in our condo that I love & will for sure incorporate. OK, now I'm being a comment hog. Great post!

  10. That house is beautiful! We might actually come back and visit if we get to sit on that awesome front porch.
    I started my would like to have list almost as soon as we moved into this house. haha My favorite style house is the American Foursquare. I would love a master bedroom that fits an actual dresser and our queen size bed. A master bathroom. An old school claw-foot tub. A walk-out basement so the downstairs has plenty of natural light. There is definitely one thing Stewart and I agree on. We will never by a house with an addition. After months of house hunting we saw way too many additions breaking away from and slanting off all sides of homes. You'll definitely never run into that if you build.

  11. my must haves and would be nice list is basically the same! so its not to outrages. and i loooooooooove the porch, i would die for a wrap around porch one day. the only thing i would add to my must have/want list is built Ins. i would love some some for our TV and to just give the room some more character

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