February 27, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
I love So What Wednesday's.  Especially when I have very limited blogging time and no creative energy to write a real post.  So here we go...

So what, if I woke up today thinking it was Friday.

So what, if Kyla is wearing a ridiculous outfit today.  She has a nasty cold and is still learning how to use tissues.  She prefers wiping her snot on her sleeve so we choose a cheap Walmart shirt for today.  And she insisted on wearing the brown shoes.

So what, if I have the toughest little boy ever.  He is feeling a little better, but still having diarrhea and not eating the best.  Still smiling through it all though!

So what, if I got peed on last night.  He was one dry diaper away from having to go to the ER for an IV so I was more than excited!

So what, if Kyla can't quite get two fingers up to show how old she is.  She's getting closer!

So what, if I haven't worked out since Sunday.  I was starting to get into such a great routine and feeling so good about myself.  My babies come first though so I need to get them healthy!

So what, if we get one more snow storm I am going to take the kids and run far, far away to a warm, tropical place.  Or have an emotional breakdown.  One or the other.

So what, if I can't stand plain white socks.

So what, if i just took a picture of my feet.

So what, if I am extremely disappointed with the new DWTS cast.  But I heard Bachelor Sean is doing it, they just haven't announced him yet.  But still, not excited at all for this season.

So what, if my daughter likes taking her pants off.  She will love this picture in about 15 years :)

What are you saying So What to this week?


  1. Your kids are so stinkin cute!

  2. Aw, that last picture is SO adorable :)

  3. Breanna would rather not wear pants either! Silly girls

    hope they both feel better soon and good to hear no ER trip that is definitely worth getting peed on for! ;)

  4. Every time my daughter goes potty she comes back without pants on :) I hope everyone feels better soon - your pics are precious though :)

  5. Both of my boys prefer to be pantless!

  6. Kaylee prefers to wear no pants or no clothes in general.
    I don't like the new cast for DWTS either! Boooo....
    How cute is Kase's smile!

  7. I love these posts!

    Kase has gotten more hair! I love how it is sticking up in the picture. :)

    I hadn't heard... Sean is going to be on DWTS? Fun! I am so bad about watching TV lately, so I doubt I will watch this season, but I love him, so I think that is so cool.

  8. New follower here! Just stumbled across your blog and your daughter and son are precious! :) :) I love your son's cute little smile.. and your daughter's style is amazing. Haha! :)


  9. OH my goodness my daughter is the same. one second fully clothes, I turn my back and BAMM shes got no pants on

  10. i loved reading your list! your kids (and blog!) are soooo cute. :)

  11. Hehe! I love the pics of Kyla trying to do her '2' fingers and her last pic being all "Whatever, Mom.. I can't do it - no big deal!" :)