February 22, 2013


Loving:  My sweet babies, of course!

Reading:  Counting Cockatoos and all of our other "C" books

Waiting for:  Kase's first two teeth to fully come in.  They're poked through the gums and they are sharp!

Using:  Lots of Resolve to clean up all of Kase's puke :(

Excited about:  The kids being able to wear their new Spring/Summer clothes.

Trying to:  Get rid of my migraine.  Taking care of a sick baby and an energetic 2 year old while having a migraine and a sore throat is not easy.

Working on:  Getting Kyla to talk more (that we can understand)

Enjoying:  Some down time so I can blog quick

Wearing:  My pj's

Planning:  A visit to see my Grandma tomorrow, assuming everyone is healthy.  She hasn't seen the kids in awhile so she will be so excited.

Learning:  To be thankful for having two safe and healthy pregnancies.  My brother shared a blog with me the other day of a girl he knows.  He used to work with her husband.  They just had their first child, born at 29 weeks and only 2 pounds.  The little guy is really fighting, but has a lot of obstacles standing in his way.  Sometimes it's easy to forget just how fragile life is.

Listening to:  Special Agent Oso (Kyla's new favorite - she's done with Mickey).

Singing:  Nothing at this very moment, but we've been singing the ABC's a lot lately, trying to get Kyla to learn them.

Needing:  Some new workout pants.  I only have long pants and they're way too hot.  I need some capris and shorts.

Wishing:  Kase was feeling better and my migraine would go away.

Doing:  This blog post, eating breakfast, and rocking Kase in the swing.

Dreaming of:  Warm weather.  We just got about 5 inches of snow last night and I have officially had it with winter.  This needs to be the last snowfall.  I need to get these kids out of the house before we all go crazy.  I know it's the same every year around this time, but this week I really got the winter blues.

Now that you've listened to me complain about feeling like crap, having a sick baby and hating winter, what are you all up to? :)


  1. Awe look at kase's cute little teeth. How old was he when he started teething? We are all sick at our house including mommy & my hubs is out of town until Wed. Have a great weekend

  2. SO over the cold weather, too! Ready for days outside and spring clothes, for sure!

    PS - Love your little girl's red curls. I have red haird and my hubby's is curly ... so I'm wondering if she will get that. I hope!

  3. haha....I totally do that too--complain about the snow only to complain about the heat later! I'm with ya though---hurry up spring! :-)

  4. It was finally warm enough for us to take the kids outside yesterday,Ithink we all had a big case of cabin fever!

  5. I'm sorry he's been sick for so long. Poor little man!