February 1, 2013

As random as random gets!

I feel so behind on everything blog related.  This darn internet of ours.  Nothing like paying for something that doesn't work.  Ugh!  Anyway, here's a little update on what's going on here...

Kyla woke up with a cold yesterday and has been a little extra whiney/needy.  She has a stuffy nose, sneezing like crazy and coughing.  I'm trying to teach her to cover her mouth.  She only does it with a fake cough so far.  Progress I guess.

Kase sat in his high chair for the first time the other night and we gave him a little rice cereal.  He wasn't a fan.  Kyla wasn't either when we tried it with her.  I can't really blame them.  We're just going to go right to the veggies next week for Kase.

Any baby that Kyla sees, she thinks it's "Ace".  I was reading Tammy's post about little Joey turning 7 months and she kept pointing at him "Ace", "Ace".

I have taken the kids to the gym daycare a couple times now and Kyla loves it!  She is never ready to leave.  And the girls that work there said Kase just smiles and laughs the whole time.  Little flirt!  I'm so happy that Kyla did well though.  I was worried I'd have the little girl who wouldn't leave my side and screamed when I left.  She could care less that I left.  This is going to be so nice a couple times a week!

She is really into accessorizing lately.  She loves necklaces and headbands all of a sudden.

We had a leaky faucet in our kitchen sink so we called a plumber down the street.  We've had him come over before and were a little reluctant, but he's close and we wanted it fixed so our water bill wasn't too crazy.  He was here exactly 30 minutes, which yes, I kept track of because last time he was here he put 3 hours of work and he wasn't even here an hour.  He charged us almost a hundred bucks.  Is that ridiculous or is it just me?  It's not like he needed to charge a trip fee or anything gas related.  He seriously lives on our street, about 8 houses down.  And he didn't need any parts.  Anyway, I will never call him again.  And we got our water bill, which is $20 more than it usually is.  Sweet.

I haven't felt good this week and one night Tyler slept on the couch so I could get some sleep.  The next night when he was back in our bed, I realized we WILL be getting a king bed in our next house.  We don't have room for it now.  But I will make sure it's on our "must haves" for the next one.

We have a busy weekend coming up.  Tomorrow I am taking Kyla to watch her cousin Emma play basketball.  When we get home, Tyler's mom should be here.  She is visiting until Monday.  Saturday night and Sunday afternoon I have to work at the gym.  I won't usually work weekends, but they were really short this weekend and I am just too nice.  I'm also hoping we can get a new wireless router so we can actually have the internet when we need it.

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Too cute that Kyla thinks all babies are "Ace", lol! Morgan's been into the headbands this week too, which is shocking to me because before she'd always rip them right off. Where do these plummers get off? I had the SAME thing happen last winter to me for a leaky faucet. Have fun this weekend...I'm jealous you'll be at the gym, even if it is for work ; ) PS: What high chair do you have & do you like it? I hate mine and need a 2nd one for Joey now anyway...

  2. I never thought I would like a king size bed because we would be further apart, but boy oh boy, I will *never* go back to anything smaller! It's fantastic!

  3. Sometimes I wish they made something bigger than a king! I love my space when I sleep hehe. Now when we visit people and have to stay in a queen I about die...might as well both be sleeping in the same twin bed it's so tiny :-P

    Luckily Lee fixes most everything in our house, and we got lucky with our leaky faucet because his brother was staying here and helped! But man, one time we hired a plumber to fix something with our washing machine hookup and we were charged a pretty penny for what ended up being a $10 part to simply screw on!