February 11, 2013

A Happy Mama

Cheese ball alert!

Do you ever just look back on a weekend and smile?  I seriously had the best weekend and we didn't even do anything.  We played.  We laughed.  We read the same book about 35 times.  We just spent time together, just the four of us.  It was the best weekend I've had in a long time.

Oh, remember how I told you guys about my last birth control pill?  Well I've been taking the new one for a good two weeks now and have ZERO trace of depression!

To continue my usual random post, here are some pictures from our weekend.

She had to check herself out in my phone with her pretty necklace on.

Kase got to use one of his new towels from Grandma Cheryl.  No more using Kyla's pink and purple ones.  Is he not the cutest bear you've ever seen?

This was our Saturday morning.  Playing downstairs.

I did a Valentine's Blogger Swap and I got the sweetest gift on Saturday from the girl that had my name.  More on that Thursday.  But seriously, she got Kyla pens!  She obviously knows her well :)

I think he's adorable in red.

Tyler and I are obsessed with this stuff.  Just mix the blend with cream cheese and eat with crackers (Ritz for us).  We fight over it when it's almost gone.

He's not sick of the egg bake yet so that was made as well.  If I ate this every morning like he does, I'd be 200 pounds.  Tyler?  I swear he doesn't gain weight.  Jerk.
I apologize to my Facebook friends for the obnoxious amount of pictures and videos of the kids.  And now you get to see this one again.  We were just being silly so I decided to record Kyla.  I don't think you can ever have too many home videos.

I can't help but be thankful.  I have the best husband and best kids.  Yep, my life is pretty freaking awesome!


  1. Yay for a good weekend!

    Lately Lee and I havve been fighting over Girl Scout Cookies lol...happily getting fat for a good cause.... ;-)

  2. yay for a relaxing weekend!!!

    Oh, I love me a good dip, Im going to have to try that!!

  3. awesome!! weekends with the family are the best ever :) and I still need to try that breakfast looks so yummy

  4. What a great weekend! Kyla reminds me so much of Morgan...so cute! And how big does Kase look sitting in his high chair? I still can't get over Joey in his.

  5. Aww- I love all these pictures! Kase is definitely the cutest lil' bear I've ever seen! And I love the video AND your northern accent ;)

    PS- we put a jar of red pepper jelly on top of a block of cream cheese as an easy 'cheeseball' and its ADDICTING as well :)