January 18, 2013

"What's that?"

Kyla asks me this about 187 times a day.  Usually it's when she's looking at a book or hears a strange noise.  She will be in her bedroom and be yelling "What's that, What's that, What's that?" over and over when I'm in another room and have no idea what she's talking about.  She doesn't even take a break.  It's all one word "whatsthatwhatsthatwhatsthat?"

Since she is my little shadow and follows me to the bathroom and the bedroom while I get dressed, she has all of a sudden become very curious.  While getting a bra on, she points up with both hands, "What's that?"

And now when we are changing her diaper, she will point to her "area" and say "What's that?"  The other night I hear Tyler yell out to me "What do you call your area down there?"  Excuse me?  He wanted to know what he should tell Kyla when she asked.

So, mom's, what do you tell your kids at this age?  I'm not sure I want my two year old saying boobies or vagina, but I also want to be able to answer her honestly.  Do you just come out and tell them, but explain that we don't talk about it?  And hope that they blurt those words out at the grocery store?


  1. We are going through the same stuff here! Especially at bathtime, when I am home alone, I bathe them together and of course, Morgan is obsessed with u-know-what, wondering what it is. I started telling her the proper terms, which she repeats, lol. ("Penith" she says, ha!) But of course she is also obsessed with my "boo-boobs" as she calls them. I don't know what the right answer is, if there is one. My plan, if she brings it up in public, is to just distract her ; )

  2. Oh, I am not looking forward to this stage of the whats that!

    I am curious to see what people say!!!

  3. After having Kendall the girls became even more curious and would ask me when I was feeding her what I was doing? I was honest with them. We call boobs "boobies" and their "area" is called a pee pee. I think saying vagina is a little much for them to understand right now. My girls have never brought up the subject of boobies or pee pee in public but I think if they did I would distract them with something else.

  4. Luckily, I didnt have to think up a solution - my husband has two daughters from his first marriage so we continued calling the female parts - a gyney and the male part - we made that one up - dingle...dont even know why :)well one day I called it a dingle dangle because she was asking... Good Luck!

  5. This is a debatable subject! I will say, I did an internship at a Child Protection Agency and it was stressed there that it's important not to make up little nicknames for safety reasons. Now this would likely never be an issue for you, but who knows! But at that agency they were in charge of interviewing children in suspected sexual abuse cases etc. and they said it's much harder when kids don't know what to call their parts. They also had some research on body self esteem and using correct terms, because apparently if parents make up terms it can lead kids to think there is something "bad" about their parts. (I did not read all this research, so take it with a grain of salt ;-) There are also arguments people make that kids who have funny little names for their parts may get made fun of in school, if they suddenly tell someone about their "donglehopper" or something and the other kids are like "what the hell is that?!" LOL :-P

    Anyways, for now we refer to them as "private parts", but when they ask more specifically I will teach them "penis" and "vagina". We will also have the talk about how these are private areas and things we don't need to talk about in public, only with people we trust, etc.

    I will admit though I do get a good laugh out of what some kids call things! lol.

  6. Hi Amy! I forgot how I came across your blog but I have been following you for a few weeks now. I have a 2-year old daughter and 5-month old son, similar to you! My daughter is doing the exact same thing right now. I am just honest with her. I breastfeed our son, so she knows that "baby drinks milk from mommy's boobies" because that's what she sees numerous times a day. I have also started bathing them together at night, so she started to question his private parts, and I called it his "wee wee". We call HER private parts her "tootie". We have never had any issues with her saying any of those words out in public, but it's probably because we don't make a big deal of it. We just answer her honestly and go with it, and that's that.

    Take care!

  7. we use the real names. i don't like using special nick names for body parts. similar to what shawna says., my aunt is a child psychologist and they stress to use proper terms. mostly for safety reasons. and God forbid anything like that ever happens. also, when they get older and learns the real names, they will wonder why you used special names and it could make the subject into a bigger deal then it needs to be. i don't think you will really have an issue with being out in public. it seems they only ask about things when its relevant. like bath time or diaper changes etc. so with Hudson if he asks we don't hesitate or make it a big deal. we use penis and boobies, etc. anyways hope that helped lol

  8. Shawna said it well. I tell my kids exactly what everything is called and always have. Even with their brother here, I will ask them to go get a wipe so we can wipe his penis. I know it sounds funny, but I want them to know the actual names, not some "silly" name. I figure I wouldn't tell them their nose is called their "sniff, sniff" (okay, bad example, haha!) so why would I do that with other parts. They are all just body parts after all. I do explain that these are their private parts and go into a little explanation about everything - who can help them wipe, etc. HTH! Good luck; things are starting to change at your house! :)