January 14, 2013

Tot School - A is for Apples, Ants & Airplanes

Tot School
Kyla is 24 months old.
We started the week by drawing the letter A on her white board and using do-a-dots on the letter A page.

I'm working with her on putting the paint IN the circles.  She does great for about two circles and then just wants to paint wherever.
She got a Mickey alphabet thing where the letters flip and turn.  We got it out last Sunday night and she loves it.  She can point to the A and then turns it and it has an apple on the other side.  I realize it's the easiest one since it's first, but still :)

She was loving her puzzles this week.

Alphabet puzzle
It's fun to see her actually being able to put the pieces in the right spots now.

Her favorite shape puzzle

She took a break to read the instruction manual for a candy machine we got for Christmas.

There is a great Elmo ABC app on the iPad where you can choose the letter and she can trace both the capital and lowercase A.  Once you do that, there are objects that start with that letter that you can color in and other fun things.

She tries hard to trace the letters so that they turn green, but I have to take her finger and help her finish it.
Erin and Dean came over on Tuesday and we did some ant projects.  We made little ants with their finger prints and then Kyla painted the egg carton black to look like an ant.  Dean was done with painting and wanted to play instead.  Kyla would paint all day if I let her.

We had ants on a log for a snack on Wednesday, but Kyla was not interested.  Dean loved them though.  He ate the raisins off first, then licked all the peanut butter off and finally ate the celery.  It was so cute!

They had lots of play time too!

Taking the puppy for a walk, Dean playing with Kase's tractor, both kids playing with the alphabet thing (I really need to figure out the actual name of that thing), and hugging goodbye.  These two are so stinking cute together.  We don't even tell them to hug goodbye anymore, they just do it.  And then Dean will say "Five?" and they give each other a high five :)
Kyla and I made a very fancy airplane out of paper towel rolls, haha.  If you are new to my blog, you should know that I am not creative at all.  But she had fun painting it and then flying it around the house.

I didn't get to my apple projects, but that's ok.  I wanted to draw a tree and let Kyla put apple stickers on it.  I was also going to do apple painting where I cut one in half and let her paint with it.  And give her apple shakers for a snack, where you put apple slices in a bag with cinnamon sugar and let her shake them around and eat them.  She did, however, LOVE the apple counting book from the library (the middle apple book).  She loves anything that she can count.

Each week I am going to take a picture of Kyla with or near something from that week's letter.  I am going to put the text on there like this one...

I'm going to put each one in a little album so she has her own little alphabet book.  It will be fun to see how she changes throughout the weeks too.

It was a fun week, but now we're onto letter B!


  1. You are such a fun Mama! That's it, I'm sending Morgan to your house for Tot School, lol ; ) Such great ideas! I love the pic of Kyla sitting in the chair reading the instruction manual. Someday I'll be brave enough to let Morgan paint. Someday ; )

  2. I am so glad she likes her alphabet thing. Walgreens had lots of cute Mickey things, was hard to decide!

  3. Looks like fun!@ Wishing I could send Presley to your tot school!

  4. I am seriously impressed that you managed to accomplish all that you did in a week! And I love painting too, especially finger painting (I am such a 5 year old at heart). Good luck with Boogies :)

  5. So much fun! What app is that, I may need to dl it!

    Were working on colors and shapes! Next will be numbers then letters!

  6. How fun! We are working on letters with Keira too