January 17, 2013

Thursday Play Date

Is this week going incredibly slow for anyone else?  I thought since the holidays are over and Kyla's birthday party is done, things would settle down and I could relax.  Wrong.  This week has been crazy busy!  I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend!

A few random updates before I share some pictures from our play date with Dean from this morning:

~One of these days I will get Kyla's official 2 year post done.  I haven't taken pictures lately so that's what it's waiting on.

~Both kids had their checkups on Tuesday so here are their stats:
Height - 35 inches (85th percentile)
Weight - 31 lb 2 oz (92nd percentile)
Head Circumference - 49 cm (89th percentile)

Height - 27.75 inches (100th percentile)
Weight - 20 lb 6 oz (100th percentile)
Head Circumference - 45 cm (100th percentile)

That was Kase's 4 month checkup and he's actually 4 1/2 months, but I think he still would have been close to the 100th percentile a couple weeks ago.  Apparently we make big babies!

~Letter B for Tot School is going to carry over to next week.  B is much more fun than A!  Plus we just haven't had a lot of time this week.  I'm hoping to do some fun projects with Kyla this weekend while Tyler is home.

I watched Dean for a couple hours this morning and him and Kyla had a blast!  Enjoy some extreme cuteness!

Playing in the tent.  Kyla only likes to play with it tipped over on its side.

The blocks were a huge hit today, which usually never get played with.  I pulled them out for "B" week :)

Dean brought his puppy and I think Kyla was hoping he'd forget it.

Dean is much more relaxed than Kyla so he sat and let me snap pictures.  Kyla, on the other hand, was her usual crazy self running around playing with something different every 30 seconds.

Not sure what's going on here? :)

Dean made a sandwich with the play food and Kyla had the corn and was squeezing it onto his sandwich.  I think she thought it was the mustard.

Tea party time!

Dean pointed to one cup and said "Dean", another one and said "Kyla" and another one and said "Kase".  He is so sweet!

Apparently Kase wasn't that excited abut his tea.


I was asking her where each body part was.  This is her belly :)

Kyla always is wanting to sit on Erin's lap when they come over.  Since Erin wasn't here today, I guess she thought Dean would do.

Back on his lap.

"Get this girl off of me PLEASE!"

And this is what the living room looks like at the end of our play dates.
Now it's time to be productive while Kyla and Kase nap!  Happy Thursday everyone.  We're almost there!


  1. Fun playdate!

    It's funny to me how almost identical Kyla's stats are to Raya's when she was the same age! Good news is that Raya did seem to slow down for age 3. This past year she doesn't seem to have grown nearly as much as past years---guess it was bound to slow down sometime!

  2. Not only do you make big babies, but cute ones too! It looks like kyla and dean had a fun play date. That is how aidan's room looks like all the time. I get his room all cleaned up, and between him and haylee, they manage to destroy it in five minutes.

  3. Cute pictures. Kyla's hair is getting so long.
    Kyla and Keira are the same height but Kyla weighs more.

  4. No joke, this week is DA-RAGGGING. I blame January. Morgan was looking at this post with me and I asked her if she'd like to play with Kyla, to which she smiled and whispered "Yeth" ; ) Joey has that same blanket as Kase! I just smile so big when I see all these similarities, haha!

  5. Hey, that last picture looks like my classroom! lol