January 8, 2013

Our Rose Bowl Trip

We got settled into our hotel in Los Angeles at about 10:30 pm west coast time on new year's eve, which was 12:30 am our time.  We were both exhausted and knew we couldn't make it until midnight so we said happy new year to each other on the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel when it was midnight in Wisconsin.  Romantic, right?  Haha.

We got up early the next morning to head to Pasadena to check out all the festivities.  We got to see most of the parade, which was really cool.  I mean it wasn't much different than most parades (except the floats were obviously much cooler), but just something to say that we've done.  We didn't buy tickets.  We just stood on the street and watched from behind some really obnoxious people.

I only had my phone to take pictures so they're not great.

One of many cool floats

The Badger float

The Badger band made the Stanford band look like an unorganized mess.  Seriously.

After the parade we went and sat at a coffee shop for awhile.  My back was killing me from a bad night of sleep and standing all morning.  It felt good to sit for a few minutes and we had a ton of time to kill before the game.  We made the long walk to the stadium!  It was about 60 degrees.  It felt awesome in the sun, but got a little chilly in the shade.  Chilly for California that is.

One of several self portraits

Who knows if we'll ever have the chance to do this again so we enjoyed every second and took silly pictures to always remember our trip :)

The view from our seats.  Not too shabby!  And yes, we were in there very early.  We were sick of walking around and being on our feet so we got in there and then went and got some food.  It filled up in there very quickly!

I just love the mountains behind the stadium.

The Stanford band got their act together enough to spell out USA for the national anthem.

The Badgers taking the field.

Our first Barry sighting (sweater vest 40 yard line)
Wisconsin band, which I missed because I had to go to the bathroom and it took 25 minutes to get back into the stadium.  They only let so many people go in the tunnels at a time and then everyone else has to wait.  It was absolute chaos.

Still smiling after the game
Despite the Badgers losing, we had such a great time.  I had a minor panic attack on our first flight.  I haven't flown since becoming a mom so I'm blaming it on that.  I'm not kidding you, the moment our wheels got off the ground I started crying.  The first thought in my head was, "what am I doing?"  I hated being off the ground and having no control.  I was thinking "My kids need me."  Yes, very over dramatic.  I got over it by the last flight home, don't worry :)

I'm not sure why I was surprised by this, but everyone we came in contact with was so nice!  I guess I thought west coasters (especially people in LA) were snobby.  From the cab drivers, stadium workers, random people we talked to.  They were all so nice.  Sorry west coasters.  I guess reality TV gives you a bad rap :)

We had to be up at 3:00am Wednesday morning to make our flight home.  So we didn't get to relax much or sleep in.  We actually got less sleep than we usually do.  But it was all so worth it.  And the kids were great for my mom and step dad.  From what I hear, Kyla was a grandpa's girl, always wanting to sit on his lap and have him pick her up.  Maybe this will ease her fear of men!  Even though I missed the kids like crazy, it felt so good to not have to worry about them.  They were in good hands!  Thank you, mom and Brian SO much!  Love you guys!

Maybe one of these years the Badgers can win one!  During the award ceremony after the game, they mentioned that this is the third year in a row that the Rose Bowl has been decided by a touchdown or less.  And the Badgers have lost all three of those games.  Thanks for reminding us!


  1. Glad you had a good time!

    I think ppl in Cali get a bad rep. I have always had nothing but friendly encounters. Silly reality TV.

  2. What a fun lil trip!! I'd love to go to a bowl game sometime :) And I don't blame you for the panicking on the plane... I kinda' do the same thing, bc I have rarely flown. Every time it freaks me out!!

  3. sounds like you guys had fun!

    you know what they say, the Badger band is the best in all the land (:

  4. you were in my town! We were at the parade too! I am impressed you guys walked all the way to the stadium! hehe it was chilly that day. Mia didn't last long at the parade. Looks like you guys had a good time!