January 15, 2013

Kyla's Rainbow Birthday Party

We had Kyla's rainbow birthday party on Saturday.  It was such a great time spent with our wonderful families.  When I decided to go with the rainbow theme, I admittedly went a little rainbow crazy.  But Kyla loved it and I think everyone had a great time.  She only has one birthday a year so I wanted to make it special.  I have lots of pictures to share!  You can click on them to enlarge.

Emma got to come over early to help decorate and keep Kyla occupied.
Uncle Mark brought her M&M's, her favorite!

The treat table and Kyla's birthday sign
Look everyone, I'm TWO!
My first attempt at a stacked cake.  I will admit, it was a little lopsided, but I think the 2 was just really crooked in this picture :)
I did some cupcakes too, just in case the cake tumbled.

Rainbow jello cups

Rainbow fruit tray
Pretzel rods and rainbow oreos

The rainbow balloon banner.  The purple balloon on the treadmill is not on the banner, but kind of makes it look weird.

All dressed for the party!

Her tutu didn't stay on long.

A few decorations upstairs (sorry about the lighting), but the main party was downstairs.

Kase dressed up for the rainbow party!

The main food table

Since Kyla didn't want to wear the tutu, Emma decided it made a good head accessory.

She had to try it on all the uncles.

And Grandpa Brian

More treats!

When it was time to sing happy birthday, she wanted Emma to hold her.  She was so tired by this point so she laid her head on Emma's shoulder and smiled and laughed :)
Aunt Katie snuggling with Kase
Kyla's cute cousin Gianna
The rainbow cake!  I was so busy cutting it (and hoping it didn't topple over) that I didn't get good pictures.  Luckily Aunt Jackie snapped one for me.
Time for presents!  Kyla was only interested in the cards.

Kyla's friend Dean came over to play!

He was a little shy with all the strange people.

Kase was such a good baby during his sister's party!

Hanging out with her godmother, Kirsten.  Too tired to smile I guess.

My aunt and uncle gave Kase a Packer jersey so he had to have a wardrobe change for the game.  This jersey is a 3T, haha.  I think it's a small 3T, but still.

Unfortunately, our Packers lost.  Kase was so bummed.

Uncle Trevor and Kase watching the game.
Aunt Jackie and Uncle Trevor stayed to watch the game so we had to get a picture with the matching nephew!

On Sunday Kyla was busy playing with all her toys...and the balloon banner that we took down.
She got this tent from Kirsten and she loves it.  Her and Daddy were telling stories in there.
I think it's safe to say Kyla had a great 2nd birthday.  And all of our guests left on a huge sugar high :)


  1. All of it looks great! I'm impressed with the cake! My brother-in-law tried to do a two layer cake for ours, since I was sick, but it toppled and crumbled horribly lol.

    1. I made it on Friday and did two layers and then let it sit in the refridgerator for awhile so it would be easier to stack the next two layers. And I let it cool overnight before I frosted the outside. Long process, but it was worth it :)

    2. I need to keep that in mind if I ever try one again! I'm thinking cupcakes maybe the birthday staple in my house from now on LOL

  2. everything looks fabulous! I love the banner. sounds like a perfect birthday party!

  3. You did an awesome job!! I love the theme and the cake is amazing!!

  4. AH! I feel like I have a billion comments on this post, haha! First off- you are an AMAZING party planner, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rainbow theme and all the fun decor. Balloons make any party fun and the rainbow banner just rocks! Kyla is ADORABLE of course and Kase's lil outfit was so cute too!!