January 10, 2013

Kyla Turns Two!

First of all, I have to apologize to those of you leaving comments and to my favorite bloggers who I have not been able to keep up with this week.  Between starting Tot School up again with Kyla and her birthday yesterday and party Saturday, I have barely been on the computer at all.  Plus our internet works for about five minutes and then goes out.  Thank goodness for scheduled posts.  So thank you all for all your sweet comments, as always.  And I promise to catch up with you all on Sunday when things settle down :)

I don't like making a big deal about *my* birthdays, but I had an absolute blast making Kyla's birthday as special as possible.  I spoiled her all day and made sure she knew just how much I love her.  I want her to always remember how much fun we had on her birthdays.  So here is a recap of her actual birthday and we get to do it all over again on Saturday for her party!

I filled her bedroom floor with balloons while she was sleeping so she'd see them when she woke up.  She slept in until about 8:00 and then I could hear "Whoa!" and laughing coming from her bedroom.  If that's not the best way to start your day, I don't know what is!

I started throwing them in bed with her and she loved it.  She wanted every single one in there with her.  I video taped it all since Tyler was at work.  It was a pretty awesome way to start her day!

We had breakfast and got ready to head into Daddy's work.  I made red velvet cupcakes and we thought we'd share with his coworkers so I didn't eat them all.  Kyla had fun playing in Daddy's office and she even found a ball!

We went to the mall to eat lunch with Daddy.  I was planning on letting her play on the little playground, but we spent more time at the office and had to get home to feed Kase.  The birthday girl got her favorite roast beef sandwich!

I tried putting her down for a nap when we got home, but apparently two year olds don't need naps.  I let is slide, but today I won't be so easy to give in :)

Grandma, Grandpa and Gianna came over for a little bit and Kyla got to open a present.  She got a tea party set!

She did not have her usual hesitation period with my step dad.  She definitely remembered him from last week when he was here.  It was so cute to see her plop right down on his lap.  A month ago this would not have happened!

Remember yesterday when I said we were going to take her to that place to play?  Our neighbors were going to go with us so she could play with her friend Dean.  Well, good thing Erin is on top of it and checked the website to see that they closed at 5:00 on Wednesdays.  I think she must know that I am a scatter brain lately :)  Anyway, that ruined that plan.  I made this plan about a month ago so I'm thinking I must have thought the 9th was a Thursday when I looked because I swore they were open until 7:00.

So as a last second decision, I thought we'd give Chuck E Cheese a try.  Kyla had a blast!  I am really happy we took her there because all the giggles and smiles were well worth the tummy aches that we had after eating the pizza there.

Of course she wanted a new ball.  And of course Mama said yes.

We got home and although she did not need a cupcake, I insisted we put the candle on and sing happy birthday.  She was not having it.

She was so tired!  It was a long, but awesome day.  I think she will sleep well tonight!  I didn't have her open her present from us because she was just so done with all things birthday related.  We got her this set of stuff to match her kitchen.  I think we'll let her open it tomorrow night!

I can't wait to do it all over again on Saturday for her party!


  1. What a fun day! And I love that you and Kase wore matching shirts hehe.

    Yay, I'm glad you got that set of play food stuff---she will love it!

  2. What a fun day!

    I love that play food set....can't wait to hear about her party

  3. She is super cute! Great idea with the balloons - I bet she was just thrilled when she woke up! Also, how cute is that "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" moment.

    Happy Birthday to her and Congrats to you on your lil one!


  4. Aww those pictures of her with the balloons are just PRICELESS!!! Oh my goodness, I love it! Looks like you guys had an awesome day, despite the tears at the end ;) And that play food is seriously the coolest stuff I've ever seen!!

  5. hahah You are not a scatter brain! I had to look up the website to see if they accepted debit cards since we never seem to have cash laying around. I was hoping I wouldn't have to bring in a sandwich baggie of quarters and dimes. ;p We'll definitely have to go up sometime! It looks like Kyla had a great day!!!

  6. Great pics and those ones of her crying towards the end? They are PRECIOUS! Probably not right to laugh at a crying toddler but those pics are great! Love the kitchen stuff you got her... her set looks awesome!

  7. I love her hair :) So awesome! Looks like you all had a great day! I took my baby girl to chuckecheese for her 2nd birthday too and her 3rd with my mom it's turning into a somewhat tradition - ha - and I love your balloon idea - I am so stealing this for next year!!

  8. Happy 2nd Birthday Kyla---looks like the perfect birthday day!!!!


  9. Happy 2nd birthday to your little princess. Such a fun day celebrating!