January 24, 2013

Kase - 5 Months

Dear Kase,

I feel like I just wrote your 4 month post.  So much has happened in this last month.  We celebrated our first Christmas with you.  Mom and Dad went to the Rose Bowl and you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa (and you were awesome, not there was any doubt).  Your big sister turned 2 and we had a party for her.

This month you also started really sitting in your bumbo and playing in your jumperoo.  We had to put a pillow under Kyla's feet when she was this age.  No pillows for you, big boy!  You can jump away on your own.

You have been a little fussier this month.  I think it's a combination of teething and just being sick of laying around.  You want to move!  You still have not rolled over.  I seriously think you might skip rolling over altogether and just start crawling.  When you're on your belly, you are trying so hard to get up on your knees and crawl.

For the most part though, you are still your happy self.  You love your big sister and she is loving the fact that you can sit up in your bumbo now.  She is constantly getting in your face and giving you hugs and kisses.  She also tries to lift you up out of it because she wants you in the jumperoo instead.  She stands right next to you and talks to you and plays with your toys.  You two already have such an awesome relationship.  I know you will be best friends and that makes me so happy.

I can't wait to see what you're up to at 6 months.  But I am not ready to move to 18 month clothing yet so maybe you could stay in 12 months for a little bit and help your Mama out?  Thanks!

I love you so much!

Love, Mommy


(as of 1/15/13)
Weight: 20 lb 6 oz (100th percentile)
Height: 27.75 inches (100th percentile)
Diaper Size: 3
Clothes Size: 12 months
Shoe Size: Not wearing shoes yet
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde on the top and sides and brown with a tint of red in the back
Next Doctor Appointment: February 26th

For over a week you were sleeping in until 8:00 and since Kyla sleeps until at least 8:00, Mama was spoiled!  This past week it's been back to 6:30.  You take a decent nap in the morning, usually around 9:30.  I really try to get you and your sister down for your afternoon naps at the same time so I can rest and get some things done.  Lately that's been around 1:00.  You wake up sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 and stay up (at least I try to get you to stay up) until bedtime.  Kyla goes down at 8:00 and we have been giving you your bath, feeding you and putting you down after that.  You're usually sleeping by 8:30-8:45.  I know this is probably why you're getting up earlier since it used to be more like 9:30.  But it's nice to get you both in bed at a decent time.

 You are eating 5-6 ounces of formula every 3 hours during the day.  We haven't started giving you cereal or anything yet, but I think I'm going to buy some rice cereal next time I'm at Target.  I'm not in a hurry to feed you food, but we are going to start putting you in the high chair while we eat so you can start watching us and learning how it all works.  We all know you're not starving, Mr. 100% man!

  ~Laughing and squealing at just about anything, but especially when I kiss your neck
~Watching your crazy sister play
~You're still loving your baths.
~You still need help sitting up, but you're doing so well with it!
~No teeth yet, but I think they're coming soon!
~You do not like these monthly tie stickers and try to rip them off and eat them as soon as I put them on.
~You are outgrowing your car seat quickly.  And it takes all I have to lug you around in it.
~You take your nuk out of your mouth and then play with it and attempt getting it back into your mouth.
~You have very strong legs and can put all your weight on them.
~You get a hold of Mama's neck fat and don't like to let go.
~You talk up a storm, especially right when you wake up in the morning.


Happy 5 months, my sweet little Kase man!


  1. I would say he has changed since his 3 day old car seat pick - ha! He is just growing growing! What a sweet little man!