January 23, 2013


I feel like it's time for another giveaway.  I mean I haven't done one ALL YEAR! ;)

Do you want to go in on with me?  Give something away and get some extra followers and/or extra traffic to your business?

Leave me a comment or email me at amykattre@gmail.com if you're interested!  I will create the Rafflecopter and give you the code if you'd like to embed it into a blog post of your own too.

I'm thinking beginning of February so let me know as soon as possible.  The more, the merrier!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I'm always looking for new customers, attracting traffic to my FB Fan Page, etc.! Count me & my Scentsy goodies in! :)

  2. Man, I wish my etsy shop was open! lol

  3. I'll donate some ad space, email me at thekavanaughreport@gmail.com and we can figure out the details.