January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

I know I'm late with this, but I still wanted to document our Christmas.  We are very blessed to have amazing people in our lives.  Thank you to everyone who helped make Christmas 2012 special!

Since I have a ton of pictures to share, let's get to it.

Kyla helped me bake cookies for Santa.

Kase was busy being cute.

She enjoyed pouring the kisses from the measuring cup and the coffee cup.  Such a big helper :)

Ready for Santa!

Kase got up at his usual 5:00 sharp.  Kyla usually sleeps until 7:30 or 8:00, but must have been so excited because she decided to get up at 5:15.  Tyler laid with her on the couch for awhile, hoping she'd fall back asleep.  But he finally came and got me out of bed and said we might as well open presents.

She wasn't quite sure about the big thing under the bed sheet.  I covered it so I had time to get my camera out.

Checking it out!  She saw this first so it took awhile to get her interested in all the presents under the tree.

He sat on the couch and watched us open presents.

Next year you can join in on the fun cute boy!

Sharing her corn that she made :)

Daddy got a Badger coffee mug!

Bath crayons (which she LOVES)

The laptop that she picked out at Target a couple months ago (remember her throwing a tantrum and I just let her get it?)  Luckily she still likes it.

Kase is clearly very excited about his presents :)

Tyler's mom got him a DVD player.  We have one downstairs, but wanted one for upstairs too.

Stealing her brother's presents.

So excited for her basketball hoop!  Daddy couldn't get it opened fast enough.  She was going crazy looking at the box, haha.

A little too excited...she lost the ball behind her head.

Watching his crazy sister

Being silly on the kitchen floor while Mama cooked breakfast.  I'm not sure that shirt is true...
Our new family tradition for Christmas morning.  A delicious, and not very healthy, egg and sausage bake.

And cinnamon rolls, Mommy and Kyla's favorite!

And...back to shooting hoops! 
She finally crashed about 10:30 and slept for a couple hours.  We went over to my brother's that afternoon, ate lunch and Kyla got to play with her cousins.

The kids got spoiled.  They have a lot of people that love them, that's for sure!

I got a lot of great things too.  Sorry if I miss anything family, but here are some things: Packer sweatshirt, camera case, quesadilla maker, wine glasses, some other kitchen stuff, scarf, picture frame, spa gift card (finally will get my massage!), new set of silverware, ornaments, a decorative basket thing that has our last name on it, decorative bowl for our table.  I'm sure I am forgetting some things.  Yes, I got pretty spoiled too.

This was my first year of playing Santa.  I wrapped all the things in the stockings and other Santa gifts.  I will no longer be doing that.  I didn't realize Santa didn't wrap gifts, haha.  Why didn't anyone tell me this?  I hate wrapping so I am really happy to only wrap the presents from me.

Christmas 2012 was a success.  I already can't wait for 2013!


  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Cute pictures

  2. Santa always wrapped at our house, including everything in the stockings. Santa would leave the stockings on the foot of their beds. (So I could get a couple minutes more sleep and Scott could finish up milking!)

  3. Santa always wrapped at our house when were growing up!

    Sounds like a great day!

  4. What a fabulous Christmas! I am with ya, I think next year I'm not gonna wrap the "Big" gifts from Santa, but will still do the smaller, more manageable ones. I was happy to see Kyla loved the b-ball hoop; we got the kids one and they just weren't into opening another single present. So...it's still wrapped. Maybe we'll break it out later this month when we're all bored to tears. You are such a fun Mama, leaving cookies out for Santa and letting Kyla help you - Morgan is REALLY into helping these days and loves to stand on a stool in the kitchen to "HEP" me ; )

  5. Aww I love all these pics! Both the kids in their jammies are SO CUTE! Kyla looks like she grew!!! And I love how excited she was for the bball hoop :)

    YAY for finally getting a massage!!

  6. I love your family stockings!

    Kyla's new kitchen is awesome! Way to go, Dad, on getting that all together! ;)

    Kase is handsome as always. :)

  7. Super cute pics - your family is adorable! Thanks for sharing!


  8. I hate wrapping too! Gift bags all the way! :)

  9. I hear ya! I hate wrapping too so this year I jumped on the whole "Santa doesn't wrap presents" bandwagon as well!

    And really, it'll save so much hassle down the road too. No having to disguise handwriting on the gifts, make sure you have separate "santa" wrapping paper, etc. Plus if the elves make all the toys I think they should just show up at your house not in packaging from a big box store...I'd like to this my genius children would pick up on that anyways lol ;-)