January 6, 2013

Birthday Preparations

I've been busy getting things ready for Kyla's birthday party, which is Saturday.  She turns 2 this Wednesday.  I am shocked how fast these first two years went.  But I'm excited to see what her next year of life brings us.  I'm sure there will be plenty more tantrums and other terrible two tendencies, but there will be so many awesome things too.

Anyway, I couldn't really think of a good theme for her party so I went with a rainbow party.  Not *actual* rainbows, but just everything rainbow colors.  I'm sure I will go a little overboard.  Tyler already has rolled his eyes a few times at different things I have showed him and told me not to spend too much when I went shopping yesterday for the party supplies.  But hey, she only turns 2 once!

I got most of what I need yesterday.  But I still to get a few things and some last minute things on Friday.  We're only having about 20 people over, but I have some fun rainbow treats to make that are time consuming.  And of course I need to clean the house.  I can't wait to see how everything turns out.  But I am really NOT good at this stuff so please don't have high expectations, haha.

We got her birthday shirt and tutu in the mail from Shawna today.  She included a cute matching headband, which I know Kyla will never wear.  She refuses them.  I stuck it in her hair tonight for the fun of it and she got so mad.  She tried ripping it out and then it got stuck.  I think she actually thought she got it out.  She kept looking at me like she could not believe I would actually put it in her hair.
Hahaha - such a pretty picture.  Don't mind her outfit.  Long story :)
She did have fun playing with her tutu so hopefully she'll actually keep that on for awhile on Saturday.

I have been wanting to make Kyla a K crayon picture in a shadow box, but have put if off.  I decided it would be a nice little decoration for her rainbow party so I started it Friday night and finished it up yesterday.  It's definitely not professional looking (as my husband pointed out), but Kyla is used to be not being very crafty.  It's not centered very well and I think it just looks a little odd.  But Kyla loves it and still thinks Mama is the best.  So that's all that matters :)

She was "helping" me on Friday night.  She then got down from the table, went over to Kase and tried coloring on his forehead.  Luckily Tyler caught her before she did.

Yes, I know, that middle part looks weird.  But do you see Kyla smiling?  That's all that matters :)
She has been SUPER jealous lately.  And VERY needy.  She wants to be held 24/7.  When I hold Kase, she cries and wants "up".  When I go to the bathroom, she cries and follows me.  So whenever Tyler or I give Kase attention, she comes over and wants to get in his face.  Yesterday she decided to lay right on him.  Poor Kase.  He will get you back for all of this some day sweetheart!

Look at that little bottom lip sticking out.

She always looks at us to see if we're watching.  If she thinks we're not, she will whack him (and then march right over to the timeout rug).  She is such a stinker lately!

"Why are you just standing there?  Get this girl off of me!"
Last night I let myself splurge and eat wings from Buffalo Wild Wings for the Packer game.  Big mistake!  I haven't eaten them since having my gallbladder removed.  Without getting into details, it was not fun.  I will not be doing that again!

Ready to watch the Packers beat the Vikings!

Kase has outgrown all of his Packer stuff, but he was cheering extra loud.  Seriously.  He has been talking and squealing so loud lately!

Tyler has to work today.  Boo!  I look forward to my two days on the weekend to get some extra sleep.  But more importantly, I love that he plays with Kyla and keeps her entertained.  Hopefully he will be home after lunch.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. OMG, she is giving you a death glare with that headband in! haha.

    Brielle is on an "up" kick too...only for some reason she says "up down" when she wants picked up haha. she says it like it's just one word!

  2. I love the crayon K! Super cute.

    awe poor Kase mom get her off me!!! lol

  3. I have one at work that's the same age as Kyla and always wants to be held too, he says, "I want to hold you!" Too stinking cute.

  4. I can't wait to see pics of her party. Keira has wanted to be picked up a lot too, but since she's so heavy we hold hands instead. Kase is getting so big, such a cutie

  5. I think your "k" turned out super cute!! And how about them Packers?!? GO PACK GO!

  6. I love love love your crayon art!! I am going to be the biggest follower and do that for my daughter's room :) SO CUTE :)