December 5, 2012

Sibling Differences

My blogger friend Shawna suggested I write a post about the difference between having a boy and a girl now that I've had both for a couple of months.

Anyway, I have noticed quite a few differences so far.  But I think some of them are just differences in kids, not necessarily boy/girl differences.  Everyone always says every kid is different and I'm learning that is very true!

Let's start with the obvious difference.  Diaper changing.  Sure, Kyla has peed on the floor a few times or peed on the towel while I was drying her off after a bath.  But nothing prepares you for being peed on.  Like shooting all over everything.  Which leads me to a quick story.  A few weeks ago we were giving Kase a bath and Tyler lifted him up so I could rinse him off.  Well, he started peeing so Tyler pointed him toward me and he peed all over me!  I screamed like a little girl.  And it took me awhile to realize that Tyler did that.  The jury is still out if he did it on purpose.  He claims he just didn't want it on him and didn't realize it was shooting right at me.

Another difference?  Boys stink.  No, really.  Kase could have a fresh diaper, a recent bath and still have this funky boy smell.  I don't know how else to explain it.  I lotion him up before bed each night, which helps.  Plus I know it sounds crazy, but I swear the Johnson's bedtime lotion actually helps babies sleep.  I mean the bottle says it's clinically proven to do so.  I used it with Kyla too.  I swear it helps!

Kase also has a lot more ear wax!  Sorry, this post has turned a little gross.  I could clean Kyla's ears once every couple weeks and barely get any wax.  Kase?  He's got it oozing out of his ears every other day.  Ok, oozing might be a little dramatic, but seriously.  He gets this from his dad!

Boys are less work when it comes to combing hair and finding cute accessories for.

And now let's talk about some differences in my kids that have nothing to do with their gender...

Talking.  Kase smiles and "talks" more than any baby I know at this age.  Kyla never did this much.  He just loves interaction.

Sleeping.  Actually, in the last couple weeks, they have started to be more similar.  Kyla has always been a great sleeper.  Kase had been getting up at around 3:00 am for a few weeks, but now he's sleeping until 6:00 or 7:00.  He goes to bed around 9:00 usually.  So I am definitely not complaining!  I'm just used to Kyla sleeping until 8:00 or 9:00 at that age.

From day one, Kyla startled really easily and was a very light sleeper.  I would be holding her on the couch and someone would close a cupboard door in the kitchen and she would jump.  The garbage truck would drive by and she'd look at me scared to death.  She's still afraid of loud trucks driving by.  If she was sleeping in my arms, she would wake up if we talked, sneezed, or made any little noise.  We'd have to make sure the monitor was on before putting her in her crib because just the slight little click of the button would wake her up.  Kase on the other hand, sleeps through pretty much anything.  Which is great since his sister usually screams in his ear or bangs on his door while he's sleeping during the day.

Overall, I think they are very different.  Kase is very laid back and chill.  Kyla is a redhead.  Need I say more, haha?  She is so incredibly sweet, but a little feisty with a serious temper.  But they are both perfect and I love them each more than anything else in this world.

And both Badgers fans, of course :)


  1. Love this post, it is so true! I have a boy and a girl and they are totally different too. I think you are right though that each kid is different!

  2. Great post! I had to laugh about the stinky thing. I babysat a baby boy in high school who was just like that---I swear I gave him like 3 baths a day during the summer when I watched him! haha.

  3. It must be a boy thing. The girls and Joe constantly say Leo stinks and I bathe him basically everyday. :)

  4. Great post. All 3 of my girls are different too

  5. I am still laughing so much over the stinky boy comment. I read this hours ago and had to come back to it - SO TRUE! I always say Joey smells "gamey". Even walking into his room there is a "smell". And I bathe him, I swear! Aside from that, we pretty much have the same children I think!