December 17, 2012


Although it makes me so sad and physically sick to my stomach, I have watched a lot of the coverage on the horrific shooting in Connecticut.  On Friday morning I took the kids to the mall to let Kyla play and to meet Tyler for lunch.  I heard about the shooting on our way home.  And I have to admit, I (along with many others) thought about how awful it is that our kids aren't safe at school.  How am I going to send Kyla and Kase to school when something like this could happen?  And then I realized something.  Shootings happen at malls too.  We just left the mall.  Shootings unfortunately can happen anywhere and unless I'm never going to let my kids leave the house, I will never be 100% sure that the are safe.  I will do everything in my power, but sometimes that's not enough.

I feel so sad for all the families that will not have their loved one with them this Christmas.  For the survivors who had to witness that horrible scene.  I wish I could do something.  I wish I could change so many things in our world.  I wish I could feel confident that something like this will never happen again.  But for now all I can do is pray for everyone involved.  And squeeze my two little ones a little tighter.

I'm not sure why I keep changing the channel to the news coverage on this.  I have shed many tears watching it, especially when the 1st grade teacher was interviewed.  She said she told her students that she loved them.  She admitted that it's probably not appropriate for teachers to do that, but she really thought they were all going to die.  She wanted them to know that someone loved them.  And for that to be the last thing they heard.  Not the gun shots.  There are many heroes.  I know this will be talked about for awhile yet.  There will be debates.  There will be arguments.  But please just let us all remember the innocent people that were taken from their families far too soon. 

I feel guilty for taking things for granted this past week.  Everyone has bad days.  I guess I just had like 6 of them in a row.  But how can I not be so thankful for what I have?  Yes, Kyla has been so incredibly needy and whiney, but she is safe and healthy.  I get to hug and kiss her every day.  I get to watch her open her presents in 8 days.  I have a happy little baby boy who's face lights up every time he sees me.  I get to spend every day with them.  I feel bad on the days where I feel like I just need to get away for awhile.  I just need a break sometimes.  But they (along with my husband) are my world.  I can't imagine anything ever happening to them.  It shouldn't take a tragedy to put things into perspective.  But sometimes you just lose sight of what's really important.

To everyone in Newtown, we are thinking about you.  I hope your town finds peace and your kids can feel safe at school again.

Everyone should go to this link and read about 26 amazing stories that happened throughout the year.  It is 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year.  It made me smile and many of them gave me chills.  It was a much needed lift of spirits.

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  1. It's impossible to wrap my head around this tragedy. My heart is heavy, and my eyes full of tears.
    If you're interested, the blogging community is encouraging bloggers to take a day of silence tomorrow. Here's info if you're interested: