December 6, 2012

New Traditions

(After proofreading this last night, I realized there are A LOT of pictures.  Sorry!)

I have been waiting so long to be able to start fun family traditions.  Some are things that Tyler and I did growing up.  And some are things that neither of us did with our families.  It is so much fun having kids.  I have to admit, I may get more excited than they do each year.

My mom got us an Elf on the Shelf 40% off for next year.  Kyla is just too young to understand it this year.

We did start the 25 Christmas book tradition.  I wrapped up 25 books (actually Tyler's mom helped wrap them because she was here that night.  Thanks Grandma Cheryl) and put them in this cute little snowman tote.  Kyla picks one out each night to open and we read it before bed.  Well, at least that's the idea.

Now let's talk about how this has really been going...

She doesn't care to pick one so I do it.

She sometimes likes to open them and sometimes I do it.

I get really excited about what book it is!  She is not so excited.

Luckily for me, she loves to sit on my lap.

And then she is off to play.

You know how they say kids thrive on a routine?  Well Kyla is living proof of this.  We have been reading Goodnight Moon to her every night for a long time.  We're actually on our second copy because the first one fell apart.  She wants nothing to do with any other books when it comes to her bedtime story.  She doesn't mind them during the day.  But at night, in her pj's, rocking in the chair?  Don't even think about reading a new Christmas book or her prayer book.  She throws them on the ground and gets her Goodnight Moon.  Hopefully she will appreciate this tradition a little more next year.

Another tradition?  Christmas pj's.  And sibling photo shoots in them.  Even if I have to bribe them with a cell phone.

I didn't do a good job of planning though.  I got Kase 6 month Christmas stuff and he is now in 9 month stuff so he doesn't have much.
We have a fake tree this year and always have.  I love our fake little tree, but I think it would be fun to take the kids out each year and get a real one.  I have never gone out and cut down a real tree.  30 years of living on this earth and NEVER had a real tree.  So Monday I packed the kids up and we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to go help them pick out their tree.

Emma and Gianna went with us too so all four grand kids got to help Grandma and Grandpa.  I hope we can make this a yearly tradition.  It was a lot of fun (even for me)!

Gianna found all the trees just her size and wanted her picture taken by every single one.

Kyla's size!

Emma found hers!

She could care less about the trees.  She wanted to find the barking dog.

Apparently being pushed around a bumpy field with tree stumps everywhere is very calming :)

Grandma got a good workout pushing him all over the hills looking for the perfect tree!

She wasn't watching where she was going and got stuck in a dead tree.

Gianna says "Auntie, this one is Kase's size!"  I wanted to get him out and put him by it for a picture.  But we don't wake a sleeping baby!

Finally found the perfect tree for Grandma and Grandpa!

Kyla was being lazy and Emma is the best big cousin!

Going to shake the tree out and bag it up!

They got a big kick out of shaking the tree.

She loves animals!

Running away from the crazy girl that wants to poke their eyes out.

Grandpa helping the girls feed the goats.  Emma is in the garage at this time with Grandma and Kase because she strongly dislikes animals.

Some other traditions we will be starting are putting cookies and milk out on Christmas Eve, waking up early to see Santa came, having the stockings actually be filled, Mama making this breakfast bake and cinnamon rolls in the morning, and making sure we remember what is really important and it's not all about the presents!  I can't wait!  When our kids are older, we plan on volunteering our family at a local organization (homeless shelter, soup kitchen, etc) to teach the importance of giving back.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. Great pics! Raya was sort of like that about the books last year too...she loved opening them though---but didn't always want to read them haha. This year she is all over it though!

    Glad you got to go to a tree farm---I agree, it's something I hadn't done growing up but it's so fun!

    I think it's funny how Christmas traditions get started and just stick. When I was in high school one year my mom randomly made cheese soup on Christmas Eve, and then we watched the movie Gone with the Wind afterwards...and somehow that just stuck and we did that for years! Now with us all grown and having kids we don't watch the movie any more, but every Christmas Eve we get together for cheese soup lol :-)

  2. We would get some oats and mix it with glitter. Then sprinkle it in the yard on Christmas eve to attract reindeer. Oatmeal would work too! (Don't worry, the birds will cleanup anything the reaindeer don't eat and the glitter just kind of disappears)

  3. Love all the pictures, especially the one of Kyla getting stuck in a dead branch, haha!

    We have a lot of the same traditions. We just started the 25 books this year {& have them in the same tote}. :) We always go and cut down a real tree; I have never actually had a fake one. We love doing that! Another tradition we have is to get a new Christmas movie on Christmas Eve and cuddle up and watch it as a family.

    And, now that the girls are older, I was just talking to Joe about how I want to have us volunteer at a soup kitchen and go take cookies to & visit the homebound families from our church.

  4. Aww- they are so cute in their Christmas jammies! I love the ideas of the 25 books for Christmas- def something I'll want to do with my future kiddos. Funny that she doesn't want them read at bedtime! Girl loves her faves ;)

  5. Loving all the pictures.
    We do the advant books too. We started last year and the girls could care less about it. But this year since we read books before bed, they love it. Another tradition we're starting is year is elf on the shelf and on Christmas eve night a box will show up at the door with new jammies, a Xmas book, a Xmas movie and some hot chocolate. So well all get into the jammies while watching the Xmas movie drinking hot coco and then read the Xmas book at bed time.

    Looks like the girls had a great time at the Xmas tree farm

  6. We go to a movie on Christmas day and we love it! Might be hard for them when they're super young, but maybe something as they get older :)