December 1, 2012

Apple Snicker Salad

Let me first state the obvious.  This is not the most healthy salad you'll ever find.  I mean, it does have Snickers in it!  I think it's actually more of a dessert salad.  There's such a thing, right?  Anyway, I decided to make it for a Thanksgiving get together because let's face it, who really eats healthy on Thanksgiving?  But if you like to eat all that turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie and a nice, healthy salad to make you feel better, then this might not be the recipe for you.  I like it in the summer too for cookouts.  I actually wasn't going to post the recipe because I thought everyone knew about this salad.  But a lot of my family members had never had it or heard of it so I thought I'd share.

5 Apples peeled and chopped (I use Granny Smith)
5 Snicker Bars chopped
2 Boxes of Vanilla Pudding Mix
2 Cups Milk
 12 oz Cool Whip

1. Mix pudding mix with milk (each box of pudding calls for 2 cups of milk, which would mean 4 cups, but ignore those only need 2 cups of milk total!)
2. Fold in cool whip
3. Peel and cup up apples
4. Cut up Snickers
5. Mix in apple and Snicker pieces
6. Refrigerate until eating

This was after the cool whip was added, but before the apples and snickers.
I forgot to take a final picture, but you just add the apple and snicker chunks to the mixture above.  It's so easy and so delicious!  I will be making more for Kase's baptism lunch tomorrow!



  1. MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS! apples and snickers.. this is a total MUST TRY!

  2. Yum! I've never heard of this combo either!!! Might just have to make this for one of our holiday get togethers coming up! :)

  3. My aunt made this once for one of our family gatherings. I have been meaning to make this for forever! (:

  4. This is one of my favorites! I love it!

  5. This is a staple at our holiday gatherings haha---so good!

  6. It was soo good, I approve! :) Plus, the apples are healthy! :)