December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, you've been great!

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I wanted to look back on a pretty great year and share some of my favorite memories.  I will be back to full time blogging next week!  So for now, enjoy our 2012 year in review.

We celebrated Kyla's first birthday and she announced that she was going to be a big sister!

Kyla became a walking pro, she continued to love books, Daddy had fun styling her hair during bath time, we went to watch Emma play basketball and we got to see the baby!

We had unseasonably warm weather so we spent time at the park and having picnics in our front yard, I took Kyla and Gianna to the Children's Museum and we found out we were having a BOY!

We decorated Easter eggs with Grandma Barb, celebrated Uncle Mark's birthday, continued with Tot School and had an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Kirsten and Aunt Sharon came over and went shopping with us, I got my van, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo and Gianna's birthday at the farm and went to watch Uncle Trevor play baseball.

Celebrated Grandpa Brian's birthday at the farm, went to the Children's Museum again, went swimming, played outside and started shopping for baby brother!

Went down to Illinois to swim at Aunt Sharon's and Uncle Mike's, got the double stroller that Grandma Cheryl gave us all ready to go, went for lots of rides in Kyla's new little car, swam in the pool with her cousins, swam with her Godmother, and helped me water flowers.

Daddy's family came to visit and we all went to the park, played in the sand, took pictures with a very pregnant Mama, Kase was born, we brought him home and we got settled as a family of FOUR!

Kase got his newborn pictures taken, we got an iPad, Kyla and Daddy spent lots of time together while Mama took care of Kase, we started calendar time and celebrated Grandma Cheryl's birthday!

Kase got to meet his great, great aunt Valda and his great grandma Alice, we went to the pumpkin patch, had a sleepover with the cousins and dressed up for Halloween!

My little turkey, Kyla's first swim lessons, it was still warm enough to play at the park, Kyla decorated her very own Christmas tree and we went to Grandma Cheryl's for Thanksgiving.

Kase got baptized, Kyla played in the snow for the first time and we had a wonderful Christmas together as a family.

It is so much fun looking back at all these pictures.  It's amazing how much both kids have changed already.  I can't believe we will be celebrating Kyla's 2nd birthday next week.  CRAZY!  We are so incredibly blessed and will be creating so many great new memories in 2013!

Now I'm off to California for the Rose Bowl!  Go Badgers!  Watch for us on TV.  We'll be the ones in red ;)

Happy New Year everyone!

December 28, 2012

Kase - 4 months

(This was written on 12/23/12.  He was actually 4 months on 12/24/12)

Dear Kase,
Even though Mommy is taking a little blogging break, I am still typing up your monthly updates so we will always have them to look back on.  You are changing so much every month and I want to make sure we remember all of these milestones.

You are still the happiest baby and really only cry when you are hungry and waiting for your bottle.  When you are tired of being in the swing or laying on your floor mat, you will give a little whine or grunt, but never really cry.  You do get sad when big sister cries.  When you hear her upset, you get the cutest little pouty lip.  You are starting to do this a little bit when someone new is holding you.  You like to make sure Mommy is still close.

 I am so excited we are celebrating the holidays as a family of four this year.  Kyla has been enjoying your new toys until you're big enough.  Don't worry, she is taking good care of them.

I love you so much baby boy.  Your big smile and silly laughs make me one happy mama.  I am so lucky to have you.  I am trying to savor every second of snuggle time because before I know it, you will be Kyla's age and won't sit still long enough.  And I am still snapping way too many pictures, although this month was much more difficult.  You want your hands in your mouth at all times and were not happy that I was pulling them out to take a picture.

Happy 4 months Kase man.  I love you so much!

Love, Mommy
Just showing everyone that you do cry once in awhile

Weight: I just weighed you on 12/28 and you weighed 20.4 pounds.  It's no secret you're a big boy, but WOW!
Height: Not sure, will update at your next appointment
Diaper Size: 3
Clothes Size: Most of your 9 month stuff is already too small and packed away.  You have some 6-12 month Gymboree stuff that still fits, otherwise it's all 12 months or 12-18 months.
Shoe Size: Still not wearing shoes
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light brown (what's left of it anyway)
Next Doctor Appointment: January 15th (a late 4 month check up)

Your little neck is in there somewhere :)

Your sister Kyla really had us spoiled when it came to sleep.  The last few weeks you have been waking up around 3:30.  I give you your nuk and you fall back asleep until about 5:30.  I feed you and it takes about an hour to get you back to sleep.  You get up for the day around 8:30, eat again and get dressed.  We hang out and play until about 10:30, when I feed you again and put you down for a nap.  Sometimes I try to put you in your crib.  Other times you just sleep in your swing or in my arms.  You only nap for about an hour.  You eat again around 1:00 and then it's time for your good afternoon nap.  Kyla is napping during this time too so I usually lay you in Mommy and Daddy's bed and I lay with you and try to get a little nap in.  You sleep much better in there.  You will sleep for 3 hours sometimes.  But if I put you in your crib, you are awake after 30 minutes.  It helps that I am right next to you so I can give you your nuk if you need it.  Everyone is up and at 'em around 3:30 and we play until 4:00 or 4:30 when I need to get dinner ready.  You are usually a good boy in your swing while I do this.  Daddy gets home around 6:00 and we all just hang out and play until Kyla goes to bed at 8:00.  We try to keep you awake until about 8:30.  You get a bath, one last bottle and Mommy holds you to sleep.  I have been putting you down a little bit awake lately, but with your nuk.  You are in bed and sleeping by about 9:00 each night.

You are getting about 4 oz of formula every 2 hours during the day.  We have tried increasing that to 6 oz so you don't eat as often, but you usually puke it up.  4 oz seems to be perfect right now.  We will not be adding any baby food or cereal until you are about 6 months.

I can't get over how cute you are.  But you in jeans?  OMG!  Too much cuteness for this Mama!

*You are trying really hard to hold your own bottle.
*You love your baths.
*You aren't rolling over yet, but getting close.  While you're on your back, you roll onto your side and then get stuck.  You can't figure out how to get that arm out of the way.
*You had your first of many visits to the Bennett farm.
*You still love to "talk" and make noise.
*You are always pulling your nuk out of your mouth and then whining because you want it back.
*You get really excited when you see me or Daddy.
*You continue to hold your head up nice and high.
*You are still a drooling machine.
*Daddy is going to be bringing the jumper up soon for you.
*You love to be tickled.
*You like when Kyla rubs your head.
*You are not such a fan of Mommy singing to you :(

Oh I can't even believe how much I love you.  Sometimes it's hard to even remember what life was like without you here.  You are perfect.  I love you with all my heart, son!
Happy 4 months!

December 19, 2012

I hate goodbyes

I planned on posting today that I was taking a little blogging break.  Actually I didn't even know if I wanted to return at all.  For a few different reasons, I just haven't felt like writing.  But as I'm laying in bed tonight, I was uploading pictures that I took throughout the week of the kids.  And I just thought they were too cute not to share.  I have the flu and have been throwing up all day, but looking at these two make me so happy, even after a bad day.

So I'm not sure exactly what the future of this blog holds.  I appreciate your support and understanding as I figure it all out.  And hopefully you'll all stick around and be patient with me.  If I'm not back until after the holidays, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year!  I hope Santa is good to you all :)

And now, enjoy my cuties!

Not paying attention and tipped over :)

I'm loving her new Naartjie clothes, especially these bellbottom pants.  She got quite a few compliments at the mall the other day :)

Watching the snow fall the other day.

Also a new Naartjie outfit

We had Christmas at my mom's on Saturday and Kyla LOVES Kase's new toys :)

We are having a blizzard here in Wisconsin so hopefully I'll get some cute pictures of Kyla playing in the snow for the first time :)

Hopefully this isn't a "goodbye", but a "see ya later"!

December 17, 2012


Although it makes me so sad and physically sick to my stomach, I have watched a lot of the coverage on the horrific shooting in Connecticut.  On Friday morning I took the kids to the mall to let Kyla play and to meet Tyler for lunch.  I heard about the shooting on our way home.  And I have to admit, I (along with many others) thought about how awful it is that our kids aren't safe at school.  How am I going to send Kyla and Kase to school when something like this could happen?  And then I realized something.  Shootings happen at malls too.  We just left the mall.  Shootings unfortunately can happen anywhere and unless I'm never going to let my kids leave the house, I will never be 100% sure that the are safe.  I will do everything in my power, but sometimes that's not enough.

I feel so sad for all the families that will not have their loved one with them this Christmas.  For the survivors who had to witness that horrible scene.  I wish I could do something.  I wish I could change so many things in our world.  I wish I could feel confident that something like this will never happen again.  But for now all I can do is pray for everyone involved.  And squeeze my two little ones a little tighter.

I'm not sure why I keep changing the channel to the news coverage on this.  I have shed many tears watching it, especially when the 1st grade teacher was interviewed.  She said she told her students that she loved them.  She admitted that it's probably not appropriate for teachers to do that, but she really thought they were all going to die.  She wanted them to know that someone loved them.  And for that to be the last thing they heard.  Not the gun shots.  There are many heroes.  I know this will be talked about for awhile yet.  There will be debates.  There will be arguments.  But please just let us all remember the innocent people that were taken from their families far too soon. 

I feel guilty for taking things for granted this past week.  Everyone has bad days.  I guess I just had like 6 of them in a row.  But how can I not be so thankful for what I have?  Yes, Kyla has been so incredibly needy and whiney, but she is safe and healthy.  I get to hug and kiss her every day.  I get to watch her open her presents in 8 days.  I have a happy little baby boy who's face lights up every time he sees me.  I get to spend every day with them.  I feel bad on the days where I feel like I just need to get away for awhile.  I just need a break sometimes.  But they (along with my husband) are my world.  I can't imagine anything ever happening to them.  It shouldn't take a tragedy to put things into perspective.  But sometimes you just lose sight of what's really important.

To everyone in Newtown, we are thinking about you.  I hope your town finds peace and your kids can feel safe at school again.

Everyone should go to this link and read about 26 amazing stories that happened throughout the year.  It is 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year.  It made me smile and many of them gave me chills.  It was a much needed lift of spirits.

December 13, 2012

What I Do Best

I'm having a rough day.  I'm emotional and not really feeling like writing about it.  Maybe another day I will.  Or maybe not.  So today I figured I would just do what I do best.  Share an obnoxious amount of pictures.  I didn't say I take good pictures.  But I do take lots of pictures.  Enjoy!

This is from a couple days ago

Her shirt is from a Gymboree sale :)

His fire truck shirt is from Target and red pants from Gymboree.

This is how our sibling photo shoots go.

She's the cutest, even if she won't smile for me!

This shirt is from Gymboree too.  It's 6-12 months, but not sure how much longer it will fit my big boy!

Playing downstairs this morning

Give her some ping pong balls and containers and she's happy!

We have been wearing lots of ponytails lately.  Her hair gets a little out of control :)

This shirt is from Gymboree too.  I ordered a couple other things from the giraffe line, but apparently they ran out because they removed them from my order :(  They sent me a coupon for the inconvenience so we'll see if I can find something else :)

See her two bruises?  Not as bad as I thought they'd be.

Hope you're having a good Thursday.  I'm ready for mine to be over!