November 30, 2012

Why we don't travel & a few updates

Happy Friday!

On my Thanksgiving weekend update on Monday I told you that Kyla didn't do so well traveling to Tyler's mom's.  Our plan was to go up Saturday morning and come home Sunday.  But both of his brother's and their fiances were going to be staying Saturday night and we didn't want to keep everyone up all night.  And while we were eating lunch on Friday, Kyla was showing no signs of going down for a nap (she doesn't like to nap when Daddy's home).  So we decided to pack up and head up that day.

We got up there around 5:30 after both kids were great in the van.  We made it there with no stops!  We weren't going to stress about getting her down at her normal bedtime at 8:00, but rather wait until she was good and tired.  About 8:30 and she was definitely ready for bed.  So I tried to do our same routine that we do at home and lay her down in the crib.  She cried for about 10 minutes and she was out.  She was a tired girl!  I thought maybe it was too good to be true.  She woke up crying a few times before I went in there to go to bed.  And then at midnight she woke up bawling.  I brought her in bed with Tyler and I, which now that it's done and over with, is kind of funny.  For about the first five minutes I thought she might actually fall asleep.  And then all of a sudden she started talking, playing with my face and sticking her fingers in my ears.  Laughing the whole time.  So back to the crib she went.  As cute as she was, I hadn't slept yet and knew it was going to be an early morning.  I wasn't exactly in the mood to play.  She cried for awhile (although not as long as I thought she would) and fell back asleep.

Kase woke up to eat at 6:00 and as soon as I got him back to sleep, Kyla was up.  And all morning she was so crabby.  I couldn't take it anymore so Tyler took both kids on a drive so I could shower and get ready.  He drove around for about an hour and she was in a much better mood when she got back.

It was a long night/morning.  She is just not the type of kid that will sleep anywhere.  We hoped she'd sleep the whole way home Saturday night because she was so tired.  Unfortunately I think she was so over tired that she cried for a LONG time.  I felt so awful.  I wanted to stop the van and just hold her.  But I knew if we did, she'd cry again as soon as I put her in the car seat.  She was crying so hard at one point we thought she was going to make herself throw up :(  Amazingly she didn't wake Kase up.  He slept the entire way.  We were all happy to be home!  Traveling with kids is just plain exhausting.

In other news, I thought I'd give you all an update on my weight loss journey since I haven't said much lately.  I posted almost a month ago about my goals.  I wanted to lose 10 pounds by Christmas.  Well, in a little less than a month, I am down 9 pounds!  I'm very happy with that, but still have a ways to go.

Lastly, I posted about Kyla's swimming lessons after her first week.  She LOVED it the first week.  Couldn't get enough!  Well, every week after that she has hated every second of it.  I'm not sure why because I know she's not afraid of the water.  I had a mom ask me one week if she's afraid of baths at home.  I kind of chucked because she LOVES baths.  But yes, we have been *those* parents that make *that* girl cry every week.  I usually get her out and let her sit on my lap and watch the other kids for awhile so she can calm down.  But I get plenty of stares and dirty looks.  One mom shakes her head at me like I am the worst mom ever.  True story.  Anyway, she freaks out anytime the male instructor even thinks about looking her way, much less come over and help her kick her feet or make waves by her.  I have had other mom's tell me their daughters were the same with men so I'm not concerned or anything.  But this week, Tyler said she did great!  Kase and I stayed home because I had a migraine (which I'm wondering if that has something to do with her doing so well).  I was so proud of her when they got home.  She didn't cry once and participated in everything the class did.  Tyler said she even let the instructor come over and help her.  And since I absolutely believe in positive reinforcement and praise, she was rewarded with some M&M's.  Don't judge.  The girl loves them, but doesn't get them often.  And I love her.  And was so proud.  So we both enjoyed a few together :)

Don't worry, we made it educational by reviewing the colors :)

I think she thought I was going to eat hers so she started shoving them in.

I think maybe she just might like swimming next week too :)

Have a great weekend!  We are getting Kase baptized on Sunday so I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share on Monday!



  1. irritates me to no end when other moms judge like that, I just want to say oh so your kid is PERFECT and never gets upset! >_<

    I am glad she did better

  2. Ugh, nothing is worse than the screaming in the car! I will never forget the 4 solid hours of screaming that Brielle did *all the way* to Chicago when we had to go there for a wedding. She was only 4 months old at the time too, so I felt even worse :-/

    I got "the look" a lot the last time I took the girls to Target. Brielle was throwing a fit about the cart so I strapped her in and she screamed all through check out and out of the store. YOu would have thought I was sitting there beating her, the looks I got! Seriously people, ever heard of a tantrum?! ;-)

    Have fun Sunday!

  3. My baby doesn't sleep well other places either. Last night she wasn't sleeping well at home, and we brought her into bed, and she proceeded to talk to me and laugh. It's not play time!

  4. we are going to be traveling the week before xmas, my daughter sleeps great in her crib but not anywhere else, I have thought a few times of renting a trailer and taking her whole dang crib with us.

  5. Woooo! 9 pounds is awesome, Amy! Keep it up :) Proud of ya!!!

    As always- LOVING the Kyla pics. She deserved a few lil treats ;)

  6. Ugh I am all too familiar with that carseat cry. So sorry lady!

    Love the m&m pictures!

    Xo, B

  7. Congrats On the weight loss that's awesome.
    I always feel bad when the babies are over riding in the car and cry.

  8. I agree, traveling with kids IS EXHAUSTING! Great job on the weight loss, that's awesome! I just had to laugh bc Morgan does the EXACT same things as Kyla when I try to lay down with her. It just becomes a party in the dark! Little stinkers ; )