November 13, 2012

Tuesday Bullets

Some days just call for bullet points.  Today, my friends, is one of those days.
  • I'm doing well with my weight loss goals so far.  Except for one.  The one where I said I'd only weigh myself on Friday's.  That's not going so well.  I need to work on that one.
  • Tyler is going hunting all weekend.  Who else is going to be a hunting widow?
  • Can someone PLEASE go over to Shawna's blog and follow her if you aren't already?  She's not begging for followers or anything.  It's just that every day when I read her blog, I see 99 followers and it's just bugging me.  So do me a favor.  You won't be sorry.  She is great!
  • I brought our bumbo seat upstairs even though Kase is a little too young for it.  Kyla has been enjoying it all day.  She gets her little tush stuck though and walks around trying to get it off.  It's hilarious.
  • I'm totally over taking pictures with my phone.  In case you haven't heard, Kyla did something with my camera and I have YET to find it.  I'm almost positive she threw it in the garbage and it's long gone.  I will be buying a Canon DSLR soon though.  Soon as in next week.  I'm hoping to get a deal next weekend, but if not, I'm buying one anyway.  And then I just have to learn how to use it!
  • I cannot believe how fast my kids are growing.  Kase is in 6 month clothing and is busting out of them!  I have 2T leggings on Kyla today and they are so short on her.  The 3T's fit perfectly.
  • And now a little photo shoot from this morning...
Short pants and of course can't be without the counting bears for more than 5 seconds.
My phone has the reverse camera so she can see herself in the phone.  She was making silly faces at herself :)

Yes, as Shawna said on my Facebook, it looks as though he already beat us all to Thanksgiving dinner :)


 I wonder what is going through his little head.  Probably "Mom, HELP!"

Cute turkey butt :)

I apologize for the completely random post today.  I usually have a few posts scheduled each week, but this week I don't have anything.  So what would you all like me to write about?  What questions do you have?  I have some new followers so leave a comment and let me know what you want to know or something you'd like me to blog about.  I'll answer all your questions later this week!



  1. Oh my gosh, your babies are adorable! Love your daughter's hair color! It does look like your baby boy beat you guys to thanksgiving dinner. ha!

  2. yay for random posts!

    you MUST get a picture w the bumbo seat!! I love Kases turkey bum.

    I love my canon! I have the T3i its awesome I am still shooting in auto mode til I can take a class but my pictures are so much better quality!

  3. Loving his lil turkey butt and sweet lil belly!!! :) And the pics of her giggling and then patting on "Ace"... why are you kiddos so darn precious?!?!

  4. LOL...that's too funny because I was so excited to reach 100 followers and then one day it dropped to 99 and now I wish I could hunt down whoever un-followed me and beg them to come back! hehe Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the sad 99 ;-)

    I feel your pain on the hunting widow thing---I told Lee over my dead body is he hunting again until December!

    LOVE that turkey butt!

    I think you should blog any differences you've noticed so far between having a boy versus having a girl :-)

  5. Hahaha turkey butt!!

    Love the "hunting widow" line!

  6. Turkey butt!! Hahaha I was laughing so much at all these sweet pictures! They made my day :)

  7. Love the turkey butt!

    Hunting widow - me too! Mine goes year round though - ha! This time of year (Sept. through all of January) is the big time, with him being gone every weekend. Do something fun!

    And, I am so trying not to weigh myself more than just Fridays too. It is hard and then can be discouraging! Ugh - stupid scale!

  8. Thought of a couple of questions after I hit submit.

    Do you plan out your blog posts now? If so, do you use a sheet of some sort or just go with whatever? (Are you using the schedule feature now?)

    Do you have to nap at all? I am so tired all the time. I am actually going to lay down now. You seem like you get so much accomplished; would love any tips!

  9. Turkey on the butt = killing me with cuteness!

  10. I definitely have that same couch! And what cute little kids! Love that red hair!

  11. Your daughter's hair is so pretty! Where did she get the red hair? I have a strawberry blonde daughter and I can't believe how much I get stopped over it. You must get stopped all the time! I love how special red heads are :)

  12. Ditto with the scale! Just make sure, you weigh what you weigh on Friday, don't be bothered by the numbers in between :)

  13. Gosh they are precious!!! That little turkey butt, I die!! And ditto on the scale thing, I'm the same way!!

  14. adore this pictures! and love me some bullet points!