November 11, 2012

Tot School - Counting Bears

Tot School

I think I've probably mentioned this before, but we LOVE our counting bears!  I can't believe how much Kyla plays with them.  I try to put them away as much as possible because a) they are usually all over the place and b) it's more exciting when I do pull them out.  If I am tending to Kase and Kyla wants my attention, I just pull these out and they save the day!  So I thought they deserved their very own Tot School post!

I have several different activities, but Kyla loves to just play.  She likes them all to be in one cup and she pours them out and puts them back in.  When they are all in the same cup, I will ask her to pick out a red one, yellow, etc.  She can do this with each of the five colors.  Sometimes she gets blue and green mixed up.

I have our cupcake pan still with the colors on the bottoms.  I help her put the bears in the correct spots.  She can do the red and yellow ones great when she *wants* to.

When she puts them in the cup, I count.  She likes to put them in as fast as she can so I have to count really fast :)

Using the cup holders to transfer them.
When I have her sort them by color, I usually only have her do two colors at a time.  All 5 colors is a little overwhelming.  She can sort the red from the blue and put them in the correct cups very well.

We work on patterns, putting a simple pattern out and asking her to do the same.  This is over her head right now, but it never hurts to introduce her to it.

When I get them out for her, she seriously carries them around with her all day.

If your little one doesn't have these yet, they would make a perfect Christmas present!  I bought mine on Amazon.  Here is the link.  They are definitely worth it!  They are absolutely the reason Kyla knows her colors already.

If you have any activities or ideas for these bears, let me know!  There are free printables you can get online and lots of different activities for all different age levels. 



  1. My girls love to make "rainbow tea" (a Raya coined term) with their bears haha. They pour the bears into their tea cups and "drink" them! lol I haven't really worked on colors with Brielle though---she calls everything "ellow" :-)

  2. Nominated you for an award! Check out my blog for the details! =)


  3. I just got ours in the mail! I cant wait to start w. Breanna!! Thanks for the idea :)

  4. I can't wait to get Henry some of these for Christmas!

  5. Added these to my Amazon cart. Although I don't know if I'll be able to hold off til Christmas, lol! Thanks for the great tips!!

  6. Oh my goodness! She's adorable. I think she's close to the same age as my little girl.