November 14, 2012

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I really want to do Weight Watchers, but haven't convinced my husband yet that it's worth paying money for.
  • I ordered two sweater dresses from Old Navy to wear with leggings and probably won't like the way they look on me so they will sit in my closet.
  • I am beyond excited that Teen Mom 2 is back!
  • Kyla is missing swim lessons tonight because her mom refuses to wear a swim suit that is too small (and yes, her mom, I mean I, feel really bad about this).
  • I am in what they call a blogging funk (please still leave comments about things you'd like me to write about or questions you want me to answer).
  • Kyla and I have been laughing all morning because I puff out my cheeks and she pushes on them.
  • I dream of having a spa day with a massage and pedicure.
  • I want to dye my hair dark and get light highlights.  I've never colored my hair except for minor highlights.  What do you guys think?  Yay or nay on going dark?
  • I want to get to 200 followers just so I can give something free away.
  • I get so excited to get the mail every day just to find bills and junk.
  • I'm getting very impatient for our treadmill to be delivered.
  • I found our dream home.  Now if only they would cut the price in half.
  • I don't do Pinterest.  Yes, it's true.  I have a login, I just haven't gotten into it.
  • I always carry on forever with these So What posts and I'm sure you all could care less.
  • This picture is so stupid, but it made me laugh today.

What are you saying SO WHAT to today?



  1. Love this post! First of all, I was just thinking about Teen Mom last night - ha! So, I am beyond excited to hear there is another season!

    Second, I think you should totally go darker with your hair! I have always dreamed of having dark hair!

    The highlight of my day is getting the mail too! Joe thinks I am so silly!

    That picture is hilarious!

  2. That picture is so funny!!
    I watched Teen Mom last night for the first time. I will prob get addicted to another show! Geesh!

  3. LOL you are too funny... and so is that picture. And I love Teen Mom 2.. it's a total guilty pleasure. Annnnd I may or may not follow the cast on Twitter...

  4. I was excited about Teen Mom 2 as well haha. I prefer the original teen mom cast, but I watched Teen Mom 2 from the beginning as well :-P

    I vote no the the dye---just because when I went dark it was such a pain to keep up and then I had horrible roots for a long time when I tried to grow it out. It's expensive to keep up with!

    Can you use thirty-one money for WW. I never even ask Lee before I buy stuff lol...I told him I work in my sweat shop so I get to spend that money on whatever I want! (Sorry Tyler :-)

    1. Haha! I was just telling Amy how I didn't even ask Joe about doing WW either, I just signed up, and normally I do talk to him about everything. However, I knew he would think it was totally stupid (which he does) and a waste of money (which he does) but too late now! :)

    2. I prefer the originals too, but I love any ridiculous Teen Mom drama :)

      That's a good point about the hair, Shawna. I was worried about that, although it would give me a good excuse to get out of the house. Gotta fix those roots :)

      And yes, I can absolutely use my Thirty-One money. I'm having my best month ever so I can definitely treat myself. I'm going to try a free app my brother told me about first and then if I don't like it, I'm going all in with WW!

  5. I LOVE that you 'got carried' away-- I feel like I have 100 comments lol:

    A lot of the weight watchers stuff is online, on blogs etc. Maybe you can find a lot of the helpful info there!

    I've been eyeing a lot of ON sweater dresses too!! :) Wear them, rock them! Ohh and I really am glad everyone in the blog world knew Teen Mom 2 was back except me, have I missed a bunch of episodes already?! lol

  6. I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts over my swim bottom and sports bra what if I look like a loser!!! I wish we went on the same day. We could rock our refusal to wear suits together! :)

    1. Tyler's meeting isn't until 7:00 so he is going in the water with her and he will just leave right away and I'll get her dressed and stuff so he can make his meeting. I really didn't want her to have to skip. I wish we were on the same days too. Next time, for sure!

  7. That is by far one of my favorite pics! Too funny!

    I just went dark for the winter with bright red highlights, I love it! I figure it's just hair and I can always change it. Do it!

    I would LOVE to do WW, but it just isn't something I can afford to do. If you can and it would make you feel better, then I bet Tyler will come around. Go for it!

    Don't worry about the swimsuit. Everyone is looking at those cutie kiddos, not mommy! I shouldn't rock a swimsuit ever, but I do because my daughter loves to swim with me. So it's worth it! You are gorgeous and you have nothing to be ashamed of!

    I am a HUGE mail junkie and I usually only get bills too!

    And you are TOTALLY missing out on Pinterest! It's addicting, but has fantastic ideas for EVERYTHING in your life! I love it!

  8. I can't get into Pinterest either! I thought I was the only one in the world! It's too overwhelming for me.

  9. I love teen mom 2 also! So glad it's on, although I have to sneak it when Hubs is asleep or at work - he makes vicious fun of me :)

  10. Perfectly honest "So Whats"!

    You should at least try for a spa day at home. I try to sneak these in when life gets too crazy. Sometimes, just 30 min of "me" time is what I need to recharge my batteries...or keep from blowing up on my hubs. I fill up the bath tub, grab a magazine and just soak.

    Bonus points if you buy those little packages of facial masks at the pharmacy. I'm such a sucker for buying those!
    But hey, whatever keeps you going!

  11. Pinterest has a lot of great recipes that are easy and healthy too! And tell Tyler to stop being cheap, weight watchers is SO worth it! Think of how much you spend on fast food/going out in a month... if you cut back on that, then you can pay for WW easily :)

  12. follow Jill on Pinterest, she pins some hilarious stuff :)

  13. haha love this post! just return the dresses if you don't like how they look :) i've FINALLY gotten better at just returning things right away, and it's saved me so much money! new follower :)