November 19, 2012

Show & Tell Monday - Gobble Gobble

Sorry I have been MIA the last few days.  I just needed a little break from blogging.  If you're a blogger, you can understand that it's nice to just take a little breather.  But now I'm back!  Today I'm linking up with Becky again for Show & Tell Monday.  This week is, of course, all about Thanksgiving! 

1. Tell us about your family traditions for Thanksgiving
We are pretty simple.  No matter where we are for Thanksgiving or which side of the family we are with, it's always the same.  Sit around and visit.  Eat way too much.  Watch football.  Visit some more.  Eat a little more.

2. Tell us about your favorite foods
Again, pretty simple.  We always have the classic turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn.  Mmm, I'm getting hungry typing this!  I have to admit though, I am not a pumpkin pie fan like most people this time of year.  I love me some apple pie though!  Oh, the diet may be a struggle this week!

3. Show us a picture that reminds you of this holiday
Sorry, I'm breaking the rules and adding a few pictures.
We are a football family, mostly Packer fans, with Tyler being the only Bears fan.  This is one of my favorite pictures. He gets a lot of slack, but he's coming around.  He doesn't want the kids to grow up confused so he's switching teams.  Smart man :)
I love looking for fun projects to do with Kyla too.  This is her turkey for Daddy's office from last year.
This picture of my brothers, Grandma and I pretty much sums up our family get togethers.  And it's good motivation for me to lose weight...and fit into those skinny jeans again!
4. Tell us, do you wait to decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?
Usually we wait until the day after Thanksgiving since Tyler has off of work.  However, he put some of the outside lights up yesterday already because it was so warm out.  Don't worry, we aren't turning them on yet.  And while he was hunting on Saturday, Kyla and I bought and decorated a little tree for her bedroom.  Pink and purple, of course!  Here she is helping me put the ornaments on...

5. Tell us what you are thankful for this year
I have so much to be thankful for, but the most important thing is my family.  Last Thanksgiving, Tyler and I were talking about having another baby.  This year we have a healthy little boy along with his beautiful big sister.  We are seriously so blessed.

I will be answering some of your questions that you asked or things you wanted me to write about this week.  Only two of you had questions/suggestions though so you still have time to ask away!  What do you want to know about me?  I promise I will answer (almost) anything!

One last thing...I'm participating in a giveaway over on Mary's blog so make sure to go over and enter.  LOTS of great prizes!



  1. I'm not a pumpkin pie fan either, which is the one thing our friends asked me to bring to the gathering on Thursday. :) I love my apple pie!

  2. I love both apple and pumpkin pies! My husband is a huge fan of football so that is a definite must on Thanksgiving!

  3. I am glad I am not alone in my distaste for pumpkin pie. It isn't sweet enough to be a viable dessert food. Pumpkin only tastes good in latte form if you ask me!

  4. Great pictures! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving this year!

  5. we are not pumpkin pie fans either lol we are apple all the way, I will over look the jerseys you have on lol since the picture is so cute and so is your blog ha! I love the pic of your girl decorating the tree! That is what we do on Thanksgiving eat watch football eat some more chill eat some more goof off ya know lol! So fun! Love this post hope it's the bestest Thanksgiving for ya'll yet!

  6. Glad to have you back blogging! :-)

    Loving Kyla's little tree

    I <3 pumpkin pie

  7. Hahah- the football picture is great!! I love it :) Apple pie sounds delicious, but who am I kidding, I like ALL pie!! :)