November 21, 2012

Questions answered

A few of you had some questions for me the other day when I was looking for some new blog post ideas.  So as promised, here are your answers!

Do you plan out your blog posts now? If so, do you use a sheet of some sort or just go with whatever? (Are you using the schedule feature now?)

Yes, I am using the schedule feature a little bit now.  I'm not sure you can call what I do "planning" but it works for me.  Throughout the day, whatever I'm doing, I get random ideas of what to blog about so I start a draft with a title or just a few notes in the post so I don't forget.  I usually don't have time to blog during the day so I just save it for later.  And when I do get time to sit down and blog (usually at night when the kids are in bed or when Tyler gives me a break and takes them both downstairs), I will open up my drafts and just write.  Sometimes 4 or 5 whole posts at a time.  Like this post, I wrote on Sunday night, along with a few others.

I usually have at least 20 drafts going at a time.  So when I feel like blogging, I just sort my posts so only my drafts show and pick which one I want to write.  Some drafts just sit there and some just get deleted.

As for scheduling my posts, I don't schedule them a week at a time or anything.  I usually just schedule them one at a time for that next day.  I don't always get a chance to get on here and publish them so I schedule them to publish automatically in the morning.  I'm not organized enough to have weeks of posts scheduled in advance.  Maybe some day.

Do you have to nap at all? I am so tired all the time. I am actually going to lay down now. You seem like you get so much accomplished; would love any tips!

I very rarely nap during the week anymore.  Some days if I can get both kids sleeping at the same time, I will lay down.  But usually I start one of my shows on my DVR and before I know it, one of them is awake.  I get pretty tired too, especially now that I'm not drinking as much soda.  But if I don't nap, I sleep better at night, although I'm still not sleeping great.  It takes me at least an hour, usually longer, to fall asleep at night.  And it's much worse if I nap.

On the weekends, Tyler usually lets me go back to bed for awhile in the morning so I can get a little extra sleep.  I look forward to this all week :)

Some days are better than others with getting things done.  Luckily, Kase is such an easy baby and will lay in his crib and listen to/watch his mobile or sit in his swing so I can get some laundry done or the dishwasher loaded.  I'm still struggling with finding time to do more Tot School with Kyla.  I feel guilty about not doing enough with her.

Shawna suggested I write about the difference between having a boy and a girl.  I dedicated a separate post for that one coming soon.  I have some new followers so if any of you have any questions for me or there's something you want me to write about, just leave me a comment.  And thank you so much for following along with my little blog.

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  1. I can't nap during the day either. If I try, then I just wake up feeling even more tired and grumpy than before. Even when the girls were first born and I'd be going on like 2 hours of sleep for the whole night (since my girls never slept !!) I still rarely took naps. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I just can't do it!

    Now my husband on the other hand, if that man isn't working I swear he could nap all day! haha

  2. Your blog is growing like crazy lady, I love it!!! :)

    And I'm similar to you that I'll have multiple drafts/ideas floating around in my blogger, but never 20 at a time! I'm impressed!! ;)

  3. You guys are crazy! I napped again yesterday and by 8pm, I was so tired and ready for bed. (Now, I didn't make it to bed for a couple more hours, but still.)

    And, wow, your blog is growing like crazy!

    Happy Thanksgiving!