November 4, 2012

Puzzle Organization

You know life is pretty good when puzzle pieces are the things that you complain about!

As much as I love puzzles, they drive me crazy.  I swear I am putting puzzle pieces away 25 times a day.  Kyla loves to take the pieces off.  Putting them back on?  Not so much!  And I often let her have a couple puzzles out a time, which leads to the pieces all getting mixed up.  Yes, I can pretty easily figure out where they go.  But Kyla is starting to help clean up and it isn't so easy for her.  I love that she is enjoying her puzzles more now though!

This is actually better than what it usually looks like.
The other annoying thing about puzzles is storing them.  See the puzzles in the far right shelf in the picture above?  They don't exactly stack perfectly like I'd like them to.  The knobs stick out.  They topple over.  Such a pain, right?  Anyway, it was time something was done about this.

The puzzle pieces all went into their own ziploc bag.  Each bag then has a sticker on it with a number (I thought about doing shapes, but we have too many puzzles and I couldn't think of enough shapes).  All of the puzzles also have a sticker on them (on the back) with the matching number and color.  So when Kyla wants to get a puzzle out, she can pull one out and look at the back to see the number.  She then will find the ziploc bag that has the matching number and will know those are the right pieces.

Ok, I know this may seem a little OCD, but at least my living room floor won't have 87 puzzle pieces all over it now.  At least not until Kyla figures out how to open the ziploc bags and gets more than one puzzle out at a time.  We'll figure that out when the time comes I guess :)

No more missing puzzle pieces or stacks of puzzles falling over on the shelves :)

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  1. haha...great idea! Unfortunately Brielle has no problem opening ziploc bags so that wouldn't work over here :-(

    I store all of my puzzles (except the ones with really tall pieces like that one in the first pic with "towers") on "mesh letter trays". You know like what people set on their desks in their office and you file papers onto them? I bought t he stacking ones and you can put one puzzle on each "shelf" and it works for most of the puzzles we have.

    1. ....oh, and then I keep them up in a closet and the girls ask for the *one* they want haha

    2. I typed this up awhile ago and now Kyla knows how to open them too, haha. But I am just trying to teach her to only get one out at a time. That's a good idea too with the trays. They were just driving me crazy so something had to be done :)

  2. Genius! I may have to steal this idea for when the baby is old enough to start pulling out those little puzzles.

  3. That's a great idea! I'm always looking for ways to organize my classroom, and this might let me keep puzzles out all the time for the kids!

  4. That's a good idea! I'll have to remember for when the baby is big enough to know how to read numbers lol

  5. I have all kinds of puzzles and never thought of doing that with them so the pieces don't get lost. I can't tell you how many puzzles we had to toss because we couldn't find the pieces! I am going to start doing that! Thanks for the idea!

  6. I love this! I got Breanna a bunch of puzzles for Christmas and so did my brother/sister in law I am TOTALLY doing this! :-)