November 29, 2012

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Finds

I left the house at 6:30 last Friday with a plan.  First up, Target!  I got my new camera that I have been wanting forever.  I ended up getting the Canon Rebel T3.  I considered the T3i, but didn't want to spend an extra $150 when I have no idea what I'm doing.  I am just excited to have way better quality pictures.  I'm already obsessed with it.  I saved $150 because of the sale and got an extra 5% off with my Target card.

I also have had my eye on a Dyson vacuum.  Our vacuum is awful and we finally realized that you get what you pay for.  I'm sick of being cheap with them and being frustrated with how bad they are.  The Dyson's were on sale so I pulled the trigger.  I got the Dyson Ball DC41 Multi Floor.  I tried it out on Sunday for the first time and LOVE it.  I wonder how long the excitement of vacuuming will last?  This was also $150 off and an extra 5% saved with my card.  I also got a $10 gift card for spending so much in the home department.
I went to Best Buy next on the hunt for a new laptop.  After them charging me an extra $100 and giving me the wrong one, I got the one we had picked out from the ad.  Tyler has it all set up with our wifi, but yet I'm still using our old crappy one.  He said the new one is a lot different and will take some getting used to.  And I just don't have the patience for that yet.  This old one's fan is really loud and sounds like it's going to blow.  And even when the battery is fully charged, if you unplug it, it dies.  And now the cord to charge it is all screwed up so you have to twist it just right for it to actually charge.  So we were definitely due for a new one.  One of these days I need to transfer all our pictures and documents to our external hard drive before this one kicks the bucket.  I got the new one for $200 off the original price.

Carter's was next.  I didn't need anything, but just like looking around and I had a $10 off coupon to use.  I ended up getting Kyla two pairs of pj's and 3 pairs of socks for $11 total.

I spent a lot of time next door at Old Navy.  I got myself a sweater on clearance and Tyler a few things for Christmas.  I can't share those though because he reads this :)

I went to Famous Footwear basically just to look.  I want a pair of ballet flats for myself, but didn't want to spend $35 on them.  And Kyla needs a pair of size 6 tennis shoes, but again, I wasn't paying that much considering she'll only be in them a couple of months.  I have a new coupon for Kohl's so I'm going to check there this weekend for some new kicks for her.  Her cute Nike ones I bought awhile ago are size 7 and are just a tad too big, but her 5's are squeezing her little toes.

So other than Tyler, I didn't get any Christmas presents.  I have no idea what anyone wants/needs, which is frustrating.  I love buying presents for people, but hate spending money on things that I'm not sure if they'll like it or need it.  But I was happy with my purchases.  My dad gives us money for Christmas each year and tells us to make sure we buy something with it and not just put it in savings.  So he bought me a camera and Tyler a laptop.  Thanks, Dad :)

And can you believe I went to all those stores and completely forgot to open up my Shopkick app?  Total failure.  I would have earned a Target gift card just from that day!

I did get a few presents ordered on Cyber Monday.  I can't share those either because some of those people also read this.  But I got some great deals on clothes for the kids.  I put my first ever order in to Naartjiie.  It's an international company that has the cutest, funky clothes.  I can't wait to get them and do some photo shoots!  I also ordered from Gymboree.  They had some great sales and I had a 20% off my entire purchase that I could use as well.  And now I earned some Gymbucks that I can redeem in January on some spring/summer sales!  I got some stuff for now and some for next fall/winter.  Tyler is going to probably kill me, but I got a TON of stuff for awesome prices.  He forgets all about it when he sees the kids dressed cute.  Right Ty? ;)

I shopped around for a rug for our living room, but couldn't find one I liked.  We have carpet in our living room, but because of our debacle with sippy cups, we have a lot of milk spilled on it.  I want to get a rug to put in the middle of the floor to at least protect it a little bit.  Will it be weird to have a rug on carpet?  And does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a nice one, but not spend a fortune?

So now I need to actually get my butt in gear and get my Christmas shopping done.  I told Tyler we should fill each others stockings, but I have a feeling I'll be buying myself a few things from Santa.

Lastly, a few pictures from yesterday too cute not to share.

Helping me bake M&M cookie bars for Daddy to take to work.

My handsome little guy!

Kyla likes to rock him in his car seat.

I think he's looking at her and thinking "I will get you back for all of this some day!"

Someone said on Facebook that she probably isn't impressed with the cheerleading shirt.  It was a $3 find at Walmart from my mom.  You can't beat cheap every day play shirts.  But apparently she has higher standards :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!



  1. Sounds like you found some awesome deals! I love my Dyson. I will say that for about 6 months I was all excited and vacuuming all the time....and now I'm back to my weekly ways haha. But I still love it!

    Can't wait to see fashion shows of the kids in their new stuff!

  2. yay for new camera and vacuum! Isnt it funny that we get excited for a vaccum ;)

    you cant not go to carters and buy atleast a FEW things....I love those PJs!! so cute

  3. Oh my word, I saw the dyson specials and knew we needed a new one but thought... eh, don't spend the money right now, what do ya know... but the vaccume bit the dust literally last night UGH

  4. I have always done my own stocking, and its such a bummer...LOL So this year I told Allison she has to do mine. I am actually looking forward to a few surprises this year!

  5. I LOVE my Dyson - seriously, you will never go back. And if you're like me, it's so gratifying to see all the crap it picks up. (Gross, really). Sounds like you got some great deals! Have you checked for a rug yet? They have a TON and I've ordered from them a few times w/no issues. Also, has a huge selection. I've been contemplating the whole "Rug on Carpet" myself with the little messmakers now living here. OK, now I need to get Morgan an apron to help me in the kitchen too, lol!! LOVE that last pic of Kyla, she is too cute! OK, I love all the pics, really, they are so adorable!

  6. You got some great savings it sounds like! I really want to get a Dyson too, maybe I'll have to keep that in mind for NEXT Black Friday ;) I love Kyla's penguin jammies AND her cheerleading shirt, lol. As a former cheerleader I think it's ADORABLE and you can def send that my way when she outgrows it ;) jk jk!

  7. I bought the same camera last year on Black Friday! Not sure if you are looking into lenses but I highly recommend the 50mm lens. It is reasonably priced and check out the reviews on Amazon!