October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Fall weekends make me so happy!  Seriously, I was in the best mood all weekend and went on and on to Tyler about how much I love Fall.  We drove in to Kohl's yesterday and I was oohing and ahhing over the leaves changing.  How old am I?  Seriously.  I guess I am about to turn 30.  But jeez, when did I get so excited about leaves?

Anyway, I wanted to recap our fabulous weekend.  And I apologize in advance for the crazy number of pictures.  You know me, I can't just pick a few so I go with them all :)

Saturday morning I took Kyla shopping.  We went to Michael's and Target.  I wanted to get some new fall decorations from Michael's since it was all 50% off.  Plus I had a 25% off coupon for my entire purchase, including sale items.  I got some great deals!

We made a quick Target stop for some things for our get together Saturday night and I needed a tote to pack away all of Kyla's 24 month clothing that is too small or for summer.  I ended up getting 3 totes because it seems like I'm always needing them.  Our basement is being taken over by totes of baby clothes.

We got home just in time for Kyla to eat lunch and take a nap.  And I needed to do some cleaning.  Of course I had to put out all my new decorations and quickly realized that they didn't put one of my items in my bag.  Grrr!  I called Michael's and sure enough, it was sitting at the register still.  I wasn't about to drive back in to get it since it's a 35 minute drive one way so Tyler is going to pick up today since he works right by Michael's.  Isn't that so annoying though when they forget to give you something you paid for?  My kitchen window sill needs that cute little decoration :)

I got two packages delivered.  Doesn't the mail man know that he shouldn't bring me packages on Saturday when my husband is home?  Of course Tyler had to look in both boxes to see what I had bought.  I had to justify it by saying some of it was Christmas presents.  It's true though, some of them are :)

Saturday night my family came over for a mini birthday celebration.  My mom and Tyler both wanted to do a surprise 30th party for me, but I didn't want a big party.  I would rather just have my family over and hang out.  So that's just what we did!  It was a great time!

My dad seeing Kase for the first time

Kyla playing on the iPad with her Godmother


Kyla was afraid of bubbles before, but Kirsten and my aunt Sharon got her to love them!

Her "shy/scared" look - hands at the face

Starting to get brave

So silly!

Trying to catch them

Bubbles are fun!  She kept yelling "BUBBLES"!

Helping me blow out the candles.

Kirsten had to get some Kase time in before she left :)

Great Grandma Barb snuggling with Kase
It was a great day, but phew, I was exhausted!  I haven't done a whole lot since my surgery so I just felt so tired after everyone left.  I was ready to crash!  I didn't even stay up for the second half of the Badger game, which ended up being ok since they lost.

Sunday started out with my newest Sunday tradition.  A gas station cappuccino while reading the Sunday paper looking through the shopping ads and clipping coupons.  There was a 15% off coupon in Kohl's ad so we decided to go see if Tyler could find some shoes.  He's been needing a new pair of tennis shoes.

Tyler found some and I found these adorable shoes for Kyla...

I just couldn't turn them down!  She's in size 5 shoes now and I got size 7.  The size 6 felt almost exactly how her size 5's fit her now.  So I figured the 7's would fit her in the spring.  They are big on her, but I'm wondering if she will skip over 6's altogether.  I got $20 in Kohl's cash to spend now so I could go back and get her another pair for free basically.  Yes, I love them that much!  We all know the kids don't need any clothes.  Maybe I can find something for myself with it?  We'll see I guess :)

We were hoping to do a little more shopping, but both kids were getting antsy in Kohl's.  So we came home, had lunch and both kids (and Daddy) went down for a nap.

Last night we went on a nice, long walk.  We stopped at the water fountain in the village park and walked over the new bridge.  This is the first long walk I've gone on since having Kase and the only walk period since my surgery.  So it felt amazing!  I had a little pain when I got home, but not bad at all.  I am actually sore this morning too.  How sad!  We are buying a treadmill in a couple of weeks.  I go back and see my doctor regarding my surgery next Monday and my ob/gyn on Wednesday for my 6-week postpartum appointment.  Hopefully I'll get the OK to workout.  I have 14 pounds left to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  But my goal is to lose 20 more.

This upcoming weekend we are taking Kyla to the pumpkin patch.  I am so excited!  Although I'm kind of wishing we would have taken her yesterday since it was so nice out.  It's going to be in the 70's all week, but then Friday and Saturday are going to be a high of 48.  Good ole Wisconsin weather!  Nothing like a 20 degree difference overnight.  Oh well.  We'll get bundled up and head to the pumpkin patch.  Kase is going to stay home with Grandma this year.

If you missed yesterday's Tot School post, make sure you check it out here.


  1. I am a LOT older than you and I love the fall leaves too!

  2. I NEED that Badger pumpkin! Love it!

  3. I love the leaves too!

    And those shoes for Kyla are soooo cute!

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  5. Well Happy Birthday to youuu ma'am!! :) And i LOVE the pics of Kyla and the bubbles, she is so darn cute!! I like her "shy" face with her hands up, hehe! And super cute shoes!