October 14, 2012

Tot School - 21 months

Tot School
Kyla is 21 months old.

We had a great week of Tot School (minus a meltdown one day when she got mad at me for turning Mickey off so we could do school stuff).  I didn't get a chance to take a lot of pictures though.  A lot of the things Kyla did, she needed my help.  And since I don't get to spend a ton of one on one time with her right now, I don't like to use all our time being a paparazzi.  But I will share the pictures I do have.

I can officially tell you that Kyla knows her colors!  She knows red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.  She loves to play with her do-a-dot markers even when she's not painting.  Luckily she can't get the lids off yet so I let her play with them.  I started asking her which one is red, blue, etc. and she got it right every time.  She surprised me with knowing yellow and purple.  Yay!

 Here are some things we did this week:

Used do-a-dots to paint a pumpkin picture

She insisted on using yellow!
I may have mentioned it before, but if you don't have do-a-dots for your toddlers, you need to get them!  I bought mine from Amazon and they are totally worth it.  She absolutely loves them and there are so many free printables you can get online to go with them.  She uses them all the time and they are still going strong.  They are great!

Finished product!
I started working on tracing with her.  I printed some sheets out and laminated them so she can use dry erase markers and we can reuse them.

Obviously Kyla can't trace on her own yet.  She actually lets me put my hand on hers and we trace together.  And then I let her do her own thing.

She's been loving her Sort & Spin Hippo.  She can get all four shapes into the correct spot.

I printed these two activities out, but didn't get pictures of her doing them.  They are both advanced for her, but she loves getting attention from me so I knew she'd love me helping her.

She can't sort the pumpkins yet, but she likes pointing to them and having me count.

We did this together and matched the pieces up.  I'd ask her to point to a certain color too and she did great!
Worked on our color and shape flash cards...

We've been working on the ABC's at the table with her new place mat.  We sing the song and point to the letters.  So far she can only point to the A successfully.

She no longer likes her apples cut up.  She likes eating them like Daddy!

While I was doing dishes, I let her stand on a chair and "help".  I put soapy water in the sink with blue food coloring, which she thought was pretty cool.  Of course we had a wet mess, but she loved helping Mama.  And to me, messes are completely worth it if she's having fun and learning!

I was going to let her paint one of our little pumpkins, but it's rained for two days here and they are all wet.  We will be doing that this week!

The printables used this week were from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Teaching 2 Mommies.  There are so many fun activities for fall, but most of them are for older, preschool aged children.

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  1. I was totally shocked when you asked her the colors and she picked them out. She is really a smart little girl! You're a great mother and teacher!


  2. My girls do not like do a dots very much--weird!

    I've printed off a few of those printable packs and they are fun! I love using my laminator too lol.

    Love the old navy dress Kyla's wearing--I've had my eye on that color for Brielle! haha

    1. I love that dress too. I'd like to get another one in a different color. It's a 3T so it's pretty big, but I wanted to try it on her and then didn't feel like changing her :)

  3. We love our dot paints SO much---and so do I! Less mess;) Looks like a fun week---you are inspiring me to start more activities with my little one. I still look at him as my baby, but he's almost two---YIKES!


  4. Love seeing how she is progressing! What a smart little cutie! I need to post on what we have been doing :)

  5. She is such a smart lil girl!!! It's 'cause she's got an awesome mama!! :) I love all the activities you do with her, seriously! You are amazing!