October 8, 2012

Tot School - 21 months

Tot School
Kyla is *almost* 21 months.
We continued working on colors, ABC's and counting to three this week.

If you don't have these colored pegs, you should definitely get some!  Kyla loves them.  I keep them put away so when I pull them out, she really enjoys them.  We talk about the different colors and matching them up, but she just loves to stack!

Her cousin Gianna came over this week and enjoyed them too!

She has had her crazy legs learning bug since her birthday in January, but just recently started playing with it a lot.  It's great practice with shapes.  It's extremely loud though so if you're like me and get migraines, you may want to hide this on certain days :)

I ordered the first words flash cards from Amazon and they have been a huge hit.  This week we just worked on recognizing the different objects.  She has them all down perfectly!  They are also touch and feel so we can eventually work on soft, fuzzy, sticky, etc.

She loves the soft puppy.

I actually bought four packs of these.  Since she pretty much has these mastered, I'm going to get the colors and shapes set out this week.  Hopefully she'll be able to pick out the red object for example.  We will start talking about shapes, but I don't expect her to know them.  I also have an animal set and numbers & counting set that we will save for later.

I got some foam magnets that are just 60 random objects.  She only had letter magnets before.  She loves these!  She's learning a lot of object's names that she didn't know before.

The container they came in is fun too :)

Ironing her laundry (aka Kase's burp cloth)

I've downloaded a few apps on my new phone for Kyla.  The only one she's interested in right now is a memory game.  You can make the board as small as 2x3 or as big as 4x5.  I can't really tell if she's actually understanding how to do it or getting lucky.  Tyler and I watched her for awhile and we think she gets lucky to get the first pair on the 2x3 board.  But when she's down to 4 squares, she definitely understands how to match them up.  When you finish the game, it claps for you, which of course she loves!

To continue working on colors, I put the four colors we've worked on most and put them in a cupcake pan like this...


I numbered them for the future too.  I have the pom poms (from Michael's) to match to the color in the pan.  For now we are just working on putting the pom poms in the right color spot.  Eventually we will work on number recognition and putting the correct number of pom poms in the correct spot.

I kid you not, the first three she put in the pan were these...

Two yellows and one blue
And then they were all over the place :)

She was playing with her counting bears on this same day and to my surprise, she put them in the pan.  Not necessarily in the right spots, but it was a good thought :) 
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  1. My girls love those pegs too---but they've started making them into long swords and hitting eachother with them! lol

  2. great ideas!! Where did you get the peg boards? I have been looking on amazon and don't see anything like yours!? Thanks!

  3. I think the pegs are on Keira's Christmas list. Cute pictures