October 16, 2012

Mommy Products - The Good, The Bad & The Unnecessary

It's mostly The Good though!

I've mentioned in a couple posts about our sippy cup/straw cup debacle.  As I started typing up a whole post about it, I figured I'd share some of my other favorite mommy products, along with some not-so-good products.  Please remember that these are my opinions.  I am not an expert and I'm sure a lot of you use some of the products that I say are bad or unnecessary.  These are just my opinions and experiences.  I'll save my favorite toys, books and other educational products for another post.

The Good

Tommee Straw Cups - Kyla is still refusing regular sippy cups and will only use straw cups.  I don't have a lot of expectations for a straw cup other than it shouldn't spill or leak.  These are great!  We've had them for almost a month and they have never once leaked.  Even after being thrown across the room or tossed off the kitchen table!  Why didn't I find these sooner?

A good swaddle - I don't have a favorite brand, but Kase is currently using this Halo one.  I prefer the ones that zip and then velcro.  I absolutely believe in swaddling my babies and believe that is one reason why they sleep so well!  I swaddled Kyla until about 7 months because she loved it!  I don't think Kase will last as long, but we'll see!

Halo Newborn Microfleece SleepSack Swaddle - Light Blue  

Johnson's Lavender Baby Shampoo - This stuff just smells amazing!  You can catch me randomly smelling Kyla's hair throughout the day because I love it that much!


Johnson's head-to-toe baby wash - This is what I use for Kase (hair and body) and Kyla (body) and it is great.

Target Baby Nighttime Lotion - I used to use the Johnson's nighttime lotion, but the Target brand is much cheaper and the exact same ingredients.  I also believe this helps my babies sleep (and smell good).

Baby Carrier - I just happened to have a Bjorn, but there are hundreds of different kinds.  I like my Bjorn, but I'm sure there are plenty of other good ones.  I started using mine a lot lately so I can get dinner ready while holding Kase.  I plan on taking Kyla to Toddler Time again soon and plan on taking the Bjorn along for Kase.

Kyla and I when she was about 3 months

Munchkin bowls and plates - Colorful, inexpensive and do the job!
Munchkin Snack Bowls - I had never seen or heard of these until Tyler's cousin's wife had Kyla and I over and she had them.  I went straight to Target when I got home and bought some.  They are awesome and I no longer have Cheerios dumped all over the living room :)
Thirty-One Products (of course) - Every mom needs a good diaper bag.  I used the Casual Cargo Purse for a long time, but I'm switching over to my new Cindy Tote for the Fall/Winter.

Casual Cargo on the left, Cindy Tote on the right

The Bad

Playtex Straw Cups - Specifically the ones shown below.  I can't even tell you how much these leaked or spilled.  Our living room carpet has so many milk stains, it's ridiculous!  Milk would always be coming out of the straw, no matter if it was sitting up or tipped over.  Tyler and I have said a few curse words under our breath about these cups!  They will not be missed!

The Unnecessary

Any type of diaper pail - They are a great thought, I just think they're a waste of money.  Personally, I don't really want wet or stinky diapers stocking up in my baby's room.  When we're done changing diapers, we take them right outside to the big garbage in the garage.  It's not like we have such a big house that I have to walk forever to throw it away.  And it's one less garbage bag I have to change.  It just seems a little gross to me.


Wipe Warmer - Again, I just don't see the need.  Sorry Kyla and Kase, your Mama wipes your butt with cold wipes.  You don't seem to mind though ;)

I am not getting paid to review these products.  These are strictly my opinions.

What products to you love?  What things do you think are overrated?


  1. I agree about swaddles!

    I LOVED the bumbo seat. My girls both would sit in those from about 4-6 months forever just playing with a bowl of toys I sat next to them on the floor haha.

    FOr overrated I'd say crib sets. I bought one, but then you aren't supposed to use the bumper pads and you aren't supposed to cover them with the blanket...the crib skirt was useless once we lowered the mattress all the way....in the end we only used the sheets and curtain which I could have bought super cheap and skipped everything else! :-)

    1. Oh I forgot about the bumbo! I will be pulling that baby out soon! Love it!

      And I totally agree about crib sets. We bought one for Kyla and have never used the comforter or bumper pads. So for Kase, my aunt just made the crib skirt and valence just to have a little color in the room. But we just got him plain crib sheets from Target.

  2. Totally agree on the swaddle blanket. I have a brand I have found I love this time around with LB and that's the "Summer" brand. I have found they hold the best with him.

    And, I also agree with the diaper pail and wipes warmer being totally unnecessary. I had a diaper pail with R and got rid of it soon after. I actually pulled our wipes warmer out with LB because he hates being undressed so much, but by the time I pull it from the warmer and get it over to his butt, it is cold again, so totally pointless!

    1. I think our bigger swaddle is Summer that we will be using soon. Kase is outgrowing this one!

      It's amazing the things they come up with, isn't it? I mean a wipe warmer is a good thought, but it's just so funny to me.

  3. I had a wipe warmer, but I stopped using it! My baby gets cold wipes too! I have never had a bumbo seat, so that it what I put on my Christmas list for Maison! Does your baby like being in the carrier? My son would only do it for about 20 minutes and then he wants out!Love reading your stories! This is Rebekah from The Little Stuff Matters!!

    1. You definitely need a bumbo seat. They are great!

      I've only had Kase in the Bjorn a couple times so far and he didn't seem to mind. I guess anything is better than laying on the floor or in his crib with no attention, haha. He just loves to be held, it doesn't really matter how.

  4. I've heard the wipe warmer is a total waste--- you obviously can't have those on the go, so why bother warming 'em up at home?! LOL

    Love your recommendations. Your blog is seriously dangerous to read. Baby fever SKYROCKETS!! ;)

  5. Agree with everything you said---love tommee tippee cups, snack cups, bjorn---and thankfully never bought the diaper pail or wipes case!


  6. I hear ya on those!! A boppy pillow too.

    And just so you know, you shouldn't forward-face a baby in a carrier. Bjorn's aren't the best things out there because it's bad for their backs. Check out the Ergo's! Much safer!

    1. How did I forget about the boppy? I use it every day!

      I'm sure there are lots of great products out there. Like I said, these are just what works for us!

  7. Thanks for the post! We are expecting our first at the end of November, and getting other moms opinions always makes me feel better about the choices we have made so far!

  8. We use a lot of the same "good" products for the girls and Kendall has some swaddle sacks cause both kaylee & Keira liked to be swaddled.
    We got a diaper pail at my baby shower for kaylee and I used it but then it became a hassle, so I stopped using it.
    I agree wpe warmers are a totally waste