October 18, 2012

Life Update with pictures

~I haven't posted any pictures the last few days so I figured today was a good day to give a weekly update and include some pictures of what we've been up to.

~I went to my first boot camp class last night.  I couldn't make it through the whole thing without taking a break.  I was pretty disappointed, but had to remind myself that I had a baby not even 8 weeks ago and surgery 4 weeks ago.  I gotta start somewhere though!  And I'm sore today so I know I did enough :)

~For a little over a week now Kase has been sleeping through the night (usually 9:30-6:00).  He is such a great baby!  He rarely cries.  I think he's going to be my chill kid while his sister is wild and crazy.  And he's pretty stinking cute if you ask me.

~I posted on Facebook Monday night "If you were a 21 month old, where would you hide your mom's camera?"  Well, I still haven't found it.  Good thing I have my phone.  But I haven't figured out how to upload them from my phone to my computer so I have to email each one, which is a huge pain.  Hopefully she will tell me where she hid the camera soon :)

~I also posted yesterday on Facebook "I'm not kidding you, I just sent Kyla to timeout and Kase started laughing."  This is actually the second time he's done that.  Speaking of timeouts, I know some of you don't believe in them, but it's what works for us.  Here she is in her timeout spot (although she looks happier in this picture than she usually is)...

All I have to say is "go to timeout" and she marches over and sits down.  We're still working on waiting to get up until I tell her she can.  She really hates them so when I give her a warning that a timeout is coming if she doesn't stop what she's doing, she usually stops.  But if she throws toys or swings her arms like she's trying to hit, it's an automatic timeout.  She's overall such a great girl, but of course she has her moments, like any other kid.  She just loves my attention and is still trying to get used to sharing it.  My mom is coming over today to take care of Kase so Kyla and I can have some one on one time.

~Kase has started the fun drooling stage.

Tuesday I took the kids to my mom's to see my great aunt Valda and cousin Connie.  Kyla also got to play with her cousins, which she always LOVES!

Gianna reading to Kyla while Kyla plays with her fun toy from Aunt Valda.

Emma was trying so hard to get Kyla to look at the camera.  Unfortunately, Kyla knows when someone has a camera and refuses to look.  You can just tell in her facial expressions that she is doing it on purpose.  She will look out of the corner of her eye to see if I still have the camera out.  Gianna sat there and smiled the whole time :)

Showing Emma how she knows her colors.

Emma is so great with Kase.

I tried to get a couple cute pictures of both kids together since I don't have any yet.  This is the best I could get.  And yes, I bribed Kyla with a graham cracker.

I tricked her into looking at the camera by saying "Oh, is Daddy home?"  Hey, whatever it takes!

I just realized they both have similar facial expressions in these pictures.  I think Kase is really wanting that cracker!

"Too bad kid, it's all mine!"

Same expressions again :)

Giving "Ace" kisses :)

She always rubs his belly, haha.

This is the "Mom, I see you trying to take my picture and I will do anything BUT look at you so give it up" look.

~We have a busy weekend ahead of us!  Tomorrow night I'm taking Emma and Gianna to the Badger volleyball game and then they are spending the night.  Saturday I'm taking Kyla to Dubuque to watch my cousin play volleyball.  And hopefully we'll be able to do a little shopping so I can get something to wear for our family pictures, which are on Sunday.  It's supposed to be 67 degrees on Sunday so hopefully we'll get some good pictures outside.  I don't have high expectations for Kyla, but I'm hoping we can get one good family picture, one good one of each kid separately, and one of both kids together (that might be a stretch though).  Wish us luck!  I always stress about doing pictures, but I'm trying to just go with it this time and be happy with whatever.


  1. Good luck with pictures on Sunday! I'm sure you'll get lots of cute ones of the individually...I will be jealous if you get a good one of them together though haha...We tried sibling photos when Brielle was 3 months old and it was pure torture. We didn't get a single good one of them together. So my advice is go in thinking you won't get any of them together, and then if you do it'll be an awesome surprise! :-)

  2. They are so cute.

    I love all the red hair!!!

    good luck with pictures, its so hard once they hit one! lol cant wait to see how they turn out

  3. Good luck with the pictures.
    Kase is to cute and getting so big.

  4. Such cute pix! So, does your daughter get in your son's face yet? My daughter is always putting her face in front of Maison and grabbing her hair! She also like to be a little Mommy? How about your daughter?

  5. Love the pictures, they are both so darn cute!!! Kyla and "Ace" are really something special.
    G.G. Barb

  6. Whopps, I meant "Ase".

  7. I love how many pictures you got of the two of them making similar facial expressions; that's so cute!

    I wonder if that will be the nickname you guys have for Kase; that's cute that Kyla says it that way.

  8. Good luck!! They are soo cute!! :)

  9. Ahhh they are so cute!!! Timeout something we are doing a ton of these days!!! Ughghghg

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