October 31, 2012

Learned from the best!

Sometimes I have to laugh at how much I've changed since becoming a mom.  Not in a million years did I think I would be a SAHM who blogs and coupons.  I always thought using coupons was such a waste of time.  Oh, how times have changed!

My mother-in-law is an awesome couponer.  Let me just show you HOW awesome...

I ran out of room in the bathroom closet so I had to start storing them in Kase's closet...

Plus I have some on his changing table handy for when I pull the last one out and need to get the job done before getting peed on...

Now for the best part.  She got all of those wipes for only $1 each!  We can both get them for $1 from our local grocery stores.  I don't always do it just because she has us stocked up, but I do try to use my coupons when I have them because we go through so many wipes.

Each tub is anywhere from $3 to $4 regular price.  My grocery store is $3.39.  I'm not sure what Target's price is because I never buy them there.  Our grocery stores have them on sale for $1.98 every couple of weeks.  And then we have $0.50 coupons that both of our stores double so we only pay $0.98!  When you have two kids in diapers, that is an awesome savings!  Target doesn't double coupons, which is why I never buy them there.

There are almost always coupons for Pampers in the newspapers.  Plus you can get coupons online.  It also helps to have an awesome aunt who mails me diaper and wipe coupons...

Thanks, Linda!  My mom always saves me the coupons from their Sunday paper too.

I refuse to buy diapers without using a coupon.  I realize $2 off of a $25 box of diapers isn't a ton, but when you buy as many diapers as we do, every little bit helps!  I do buy those at Target because a) my grocery doesn't sell big packs and b) they only double coupons $0.50 or less.  I always wait to buy them when they're having a special where if you buy two big packs, you get a Target gift card (usually $10 gift card).  When you need the diapers anyway, this is awesome.  Combine it with my coupons and the 5% back I get for using my Target credit card, it makes it not seem SO bad how much money we spend on them.

The biggest thing with couponing is to use them on top of a sale.  If you need something and it's not on sale yet, obviously you should still use your coupon to at least save some money.  But if you can wait until it goes on sale (because almost everything will go on sale), you are getting a much better deal.  And if you shop at Target, make sure to check their coupons online.  You can print those off and use them in addition to manufacturer coupons.

So thanks to Grandma Cheryl, our kids will have clean butts for a LONG time!


  1. Haha! They will have clean butts for quite some time! That's great!

    My aunt always sends coupons too; so sweet! And, back when we lived in WI, my mom always gave us the Sunday coupons. Not the main reason, but that is one for why I haven't taken the time to coupon as serious as I was before. I have debated if we should get a paper sent to us just for those. Do you get a Sunday paper?

    1. We used to get it delivered, but that ended and I haven't renewed yet so I usually buy one. But they just went up to $2.50! I usually make up for it with some savings, but still, that's too much for a paper!

      Tyler's new company, Hopster, is actually a coupon company so I'm waiting patiently for them to launch so I don't have to buy it anymore. You'll have to check it out too :)

  2. I keep saying I am going to clip coupons for the next time I go grocery shopping and I ALWAYS forget them! I need to get on it

  3. haha...now with all the money you saved just think of the stuff you can buy at Gymboree's sale! ;-)

    1. Haha, that's a good way of looking at it. I don't think my husband would agree though!

  4. I love to coupon too! I actually have a 3-ring binder that I put my cut out coups in! Have you ever checked out hip2save.com?

  5. I love it! I try to coupon on things we use all the time and that I hate to spend money on. Paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo, etc! I don't go crazy with it, but like you said-- money saved it money saved. In January I hit the TP jackpot lol, a crazy combo of coupons, a gift card and in-store sale, and we just last month had to restock!! Haha!

  6. im not a big couponer just because in my town we don't have much competition between grocery stores. Our town is all about supporting local business which is good but we don't get good deals on anything!!! When we do get a big chain store it ends up closing :( But when I do coupon its definitely on diapers and wipes. I love coming home and telling my husband how many cents a diaper I got diapers for :)
    New Follwer

  7. I love this and do this too! One time ralphs-- Kroger was having a sale on huggies wipes for 1.50. My .50 coupon doubled leaving them at .50 per pack! I stocked up that day!