October 31, 2012

Kase's Stats

 The World's Cutest Little Brother had his 2-month checkup today so I wanted to update on here since I didn't have his stats last week for his official post.  He is healthy and growing so fast!

Weight:  14 lb 13 oz (89th percentile)
Height: 24 inches (83rd percentile)
Head: 41.5 cm (95th percentile)

According to the numbers, you'd think he was huge!  But I really don't think he's that big of a baby.  He's definitely long, but he's not as chubby as Kyla was at this age.

I keep having these "moments" where I forget things or just do something stupid.  Some people would call those blonde moments.  I think I just gave all my brains to my kids because I was never like this before having them.  And I think Kase's big head proves it.  So I will continue to use that excuse.

He also had to have 3 shots and an oral vaccine.  He took them like a champ, but has been a little fussier than normal.  He had a slight fever last night before bed, but nothing too bad.  He just needed a little extra snuggle time with Mama.  I'll take it!

Make sure to check out my post from earlier today where I talk about why I don't have to buy wipes for a long time and give a couple coupon tips.  And check back tomorrow for a giveaway!


  1. He is so stinkin cute! Love his shirt :)

  2. I can't believe he is over 14 lbs. already! That's great! LB was at 11 lbs. yesterday when we went in and I was shocked to see that.

  3. Hi Amy! New follower here and I think my son was born only a few days after your precious little Kyla! He was a Jan 11th baby. :) Your family is simply adorable and I just had to say hi!