October 2, 2012

I believe

I've seen this quote floating around some blogs lately and loved it.  I wanted to join in and share what I believe in...

I believe in saying hi to strangers.
I believe in teaching my kids the importance of kindness.
I believe in enjoying life even if that means eating something I shouldn't.
I believe a simple life is a perfect life.
I believe in singing in the car even if I make up my own words (just ask Tyler about this one).
I believe in having your own opinion, but not trying to change the opinion of others.
I believe in sleeping with a fan even in the winter.
I believe in snuggling with my kids every second I can.
I believe in same sex marriage.
I believe in laughing until I pee my pants.
I believe in holding the door for strangers.
I believe my husband is the best Dad in the world.
I believe a good cry is healthy.
I believe in hot bubble baths.
I believe you are never too old to eat macaroni and cheese.
I believe in forgiveness.
I believe I was meant to be a mom.
I believe in doing everything I possibly can for my children.
I believe in letting my kids learn and explore, even if it means I clean up a mess.
I believe family is everything.
I believe children were made to to teach us how to love deeper.
I believe that age is just a number and tomorrow will be just another birthday.

What do you believe in?


  1. I believe in a cure.
    I believe that life is precious.
    I believe that everyone is equal.
    I believe that I can make my own happiness.
    I believe that the best things in life are free.
    I believe that the future is bright.
    I believe that my daughter's smile could end all wars.
    I believe that our troops should come home.
    I believe in being kind.
    I believe in singing whenever and wherever.
    I believe in dancing like no one is watching.
    I believe in voting.
    I believe in laughing A LOT!
    I believe a great movie, tv show, or book can make any bad day better.
    I believe you can find true love at 14 years old.
    I believe every child deserves to be loved.
    I believe this is one of the best blog posts I have ever seen.
    I believe that love can withstand miles and time.
    I believe in myself.

  2. Great post!

    ...and I just had mac n cheese today haha...my favorite!

  3. I believe that you are the best daughter ever Amy.
    I believe that I am so blessed to have four awesome grandchildren that I truly love.
    I believe in giving.
    I believe family is very important.
    I believe I have such a loving, caring, handsome husband that truly spoils me to death.
    I believe I love all my family to death.
    I believe this is a great post along with all your other post Amy.