October 23, 2012

Cousin Sleepover

I had my nieces over Friday night for a sleepover.  I met my brother at 4:30 to pick them up.  Our plan was to eat dinner and then I was going to take them to the Badger women's volleyball game and Tyler was going to stay home with Kyla and Kase.  We got home and ordered pizza.  The girls were dropping little hints that they would rather stay home and play with the kids instead of go to the game.  I was a little nervous about driving downtown and finding a place to park.  Plus I knew the girls were tired and probably wouldn't last through the whole game.

So I said to the girls "Ok, I'm going to give you a choice..." and Emma said "We want to stay home and play with Kyla!"  Haha, I hadn't even given them their options yet!  When "Uncle" (as the girls call him) got home and had a chance to eat, we took a drive to Culver's for ice cream.  These three adorable redheads got lots of attention!

Kyla usually sits in a high chair, but had to be a big girl in a booster next to her cousins!
Kase slept the whole time in his car seat.  When we were leaving a man and woman asked us if the baby was a boy or girl (since he was hidden in the car seat).  I said boy and they said "Oh, you finally got a boy!"  I had to laugh and tell them they're not all ours!  They couldn't believe the girls weren't all sisters.  They walked out of Culver's holding hands.  It was so cute!

We came home and played in the basement and watched the volleyball game on TV.  My brother texted me on Saturday and said Gianna wouldn't stop talking about how much fun our basement is, haha.

Kyla giving Emma kisses (on the nose)
She loves sitting on their laps (especially when they have the Kindle)!

I love how Gianna has her arm around her.  They are seriously the best cousins ever!

Four cousins snuggling on the couch!  I think Kase might be trying to escape though ;)

And this is what he has to look forward to...wearing pink bracelets :)

"Thank goodness you're home Daddy, I was way outnumbered!"

On Saturday I took Kyla to watch my cousin play volleyball.  Kyla had a long day, but was so good!  She finally fell asleep in her stroller during the last game.

Running around playing ball!
Saturday morning before I took the girls home, Gianna and I went to get donuts (and a cappachinno for me).  Gianna got sick all over the gas station.  Poor thing!  We got home and I saw Kyla sucking on Gianna's sippy cup.  I knew I was in for it!

Sure enough, Kyla woke up with a cold yesterday and threw up twice.  I had her on the couch next to me and she threw up in her lap.  When I was cleaning her up she just kept saying "UH OH, UH OH".  It was a long night!  She is miserable and couldn't sleep.  Tyler was up with her at 4:00 and she threw up on him.  We brought her into our bed for awhile and then put her back in her room.  She's up now and isn't doing so hot.  This is the first time she's ever thrown up so it was heartbreaking for me.  It was only a one day thing for Gianna so hopefully it won't stick around long!

Snuggling on the couch watching Mickey.
Sunday we had our family pictures taken.  As expected, Kyla didn't want to sit inside and pose for pictures.  So we went outside and got a couple cute ones.  Here is one I got from our photographer so far.

This wasn't a planned picture spot.  We were getting ready to go and I acted like I was going to "get her" and she did this.  Daddy was protecting her :)


  1. Love that picture of Kase smiling at Daddy!

    OMG, can you imagine if all 4 were yours?! I'm tired just thinking about it haha.

    Can't wait to see some more pics from your photoshoot!

  2. The pictures are great! I really love the one of Emma holding Kase! Hope that little Kyla gets feeling better.


  3. Love all the cousin pics and fun!! Aren't cousins the best?! Some of my best memories growing up were hanging with mine!! Too bad they all share germs too! :( Hope she's feelin a lil' better today! Can't wait to see all your family photos!!

  4. The girls are just so cute! Of course so is little man :)

    hope Kyla is feeling better! Cant wait to see your pics!!

  5. That is so funny that they thought the kids were all yours, but I can totally see how they thought that. The girls all look so much alike with that red hair.

    I hope Kyla is better soon!

  6. Cute pictures of all the girls and I agree with shawna that pic of kase smiling at daddy is to cute.
    Can't wait to see more of your family pics, too cute

  7. I love how close the girls are! :) Can you imagine us being that little? lol.

  8. Hope she's feeling better now. That picture from your session is ADORABLE! You've got quite the little cutie.

  9. Such cute pictures!!! Hope she is feeling better :)