September 10, 2012

Two Week Update

I don't plan on doing an update every other week, but Kase had his two week doctor appointment today so I figured I'd write a quick update on how he's doing.

He is up to 9 pounds 4 ounces (70th percentile), 21 inches (60th percentile) and his head circumference is in the 76th percentile (can't remember how big it is).

I think he's got an alarm inside him that goes off every two hours (to the minute) telling him he's hungry.  For the first week or so it was more like 3-4 hours.  Needless to say, Mama hasn't been getting much sleep!  I try to go to bed around 9:00 and Tyler stays up to feed him around 10:00 or 10:30.  That way I can sleep through that one and get up with him around 12:00-12:30.  I do all the other night feedings so Tyler can get a full night of sleep.

His belly button and circumscision both look great so we can start giving him baths in the little tub.

Overall, the doctor said he looks great!

This morning was the first time I had to get both kids up and ready to go somewhere by a certain time.  I didn't time things very well and ended up with no makeup and having to throw my wet hair up in a pony.  But we made it there in time.  Early, actually.  Tyler met us there since it's right by his office.  He kept Kyla out in the waiting room because there are huge fish tanks and other things to keep her busy.

We decided to get flu shots while we were there so I don't have to make a separate trip later.  Kyla, Tyler and I all got them so we're good for this nasty flu season coming up.  Kase didn't need any shots yet.  He goes back at 2 months.

On a different note, Kase got to meet his Grandpa Gil yesterday.  He drove down to see the kids for a couple of hours.

And look who turned 20 months old yesterday!

I'll post her monthly update tomorrow :)


  1. I know some of my daycare kids wanted bottles every 2 hours too, down to the minute! It's crazy, that's for sure!

    I am still looking forward to meeting Kase!

  2. Getting out of the house on time with two kids that age was definitely the hardest thing for me about having a second kid! At least you made it lol.

    We got flu shots today too!

  3. Happy 2 weeks kase. Glad to hear he's doing good. And happy 20 months miss Kyla. I'm dreading the day I have to take all 3 girls out while Kendall is teenie tiny. Luckily my MIL said she's going to take kaylee to school the whole month of November & it's even better that she has the whole month of december off