September 26, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Today I'm linking up and saying "So What If..."

~I can't stop buying clothes for the kids even though they don't really need anything.
~I'm really excited that Sean is the next Bachelor.  Like, really excited.
~I'm absolutely loving my new phone.  Tyler and I both got the Samsung Galaxy S3.  Mine is my birthday present :)
~I just started using Instagram.  Really I am just using it if I want to take pictures on my phone because it's easier to post them to Twitter and Facebook.  But it takes a day for it to actually take the damn picture.  So by the time it takes it, Kyla's long gone.  So that's annoying.
~My body is not liking not having the gallbladder.  Not fun!
~I am still taking my pain meds once in awhile.
~I cannot wait until I can start going on walks again.
~I'm not supposed to lift Kyla, but that's just not realistic all the time.  I only do it if I *have* to.  Although I must admit, it breaks my heart when she begs me to pick her up and I can't.
~She unexpectedly plopped down on my lap yesterday and I thought she split one of my incisions open.
~Speaking of incisions, no matter how I hold Kase, he's rubbing on one of them.  I'm a little nervous to go see the surgeon tomorrow and see how they're healing.
~I take way too many pictures of Kase while he's laying on my lap even though they all look the same.

~I was in bed at 8:30 last night.
~Between my stretch marks and now my incisions, I will never be able to wear a bikini again.
That's right!
~Kyla has a huge pile of clothes in her room that need to be stored away, but I don't have any empty totes to put them in.
~I put her in a 3T outfit the other day and it actually wasn't that big on her.

~I brought up the play doh with the intention of letting her play with it, but she'd rather stack the cups and put them in and out of the little box.

What are you saying SO WHAT to today?


  1. Haha, I love how easily kids can be entertained. Stacking play doh cups?! Funny :) And those curls, goodness!!!!

    1. Oh yeah, who needs toys when you have things like empty shampoo bottles and measuring cups to play with :)

  2. LOL...That last outfit is one of the ones I bought for Harper for her birthday--I got Harper 3T bottoms and a 2T top and it's plenty big...Kyla does not look that big to me! I wish we could get her and Brielle together because I bet Brielle would look like a munchkin with her 19th%ile height ;-)

    That pic os Kase sleeping is soooo sweet!

    1. I did wash all of her new clothes and I feel like this outfit did shrink a little bit. It's a tad big on her, but should hopefully still fit her in the spring. The shirt is just a little wide on her and long in the sleeves. The 3T leggings fit perfectly though :)

      I weighed Kyla last night and she was 28.6 so not the 30 that I was afraid of, haha. It's so hard to compare in pictures, but yeah I think Kyla would probably look like a giant compared to Brielle :)

    2. Yeah, I was glad I got the 3T in leggings for Harper...I always order up on leggings. I don't know how much Harper's shrank because I haven't seen her in it since I gave it to her...hopefully the 2T still fits though! Harper is actually pretty petite--she's much taller than Brielle and has a tummy, but her build and stuff is petite. We always laugh because Brielle's hands are HUGE compared to Harpers haha. Kyla is built like Raya I bet, because I know her spring and summer stuff (right when she turned 2 in May) was all 3T...she pretty much skipped size 2T.

  3. I LOVE that saying about our bodies - that is great and so true! I can so relate to you with not being able to wear a bikini anymore I try and find a cute one piece each year now after 3 c-sections.

    I can't wait for Sean either. I am so glad you let me know. I don't know how I didn't hear; I feel like I live in a hole sometimes - haha!

    I am sorry to hear that you are still in pain. :(

  4. Girl I love that quote! So true! You can totally wear a bikini! And proud!!!