September 27, 2012

Political Talk

What's gotten into me?  Second day in a row with two posts!  If you missed this morning's post, check out Kyla and I doing calendar time :)

This is the first and last political post you will ever see from me.  So I'm going to get it all off my chest, right here and now.  Where did this come from?  I was driving to my doctor appointment this morning and for some reason I noticed all the political signs in people's yards.  I'm sure they've always been there, but for some reason today I noticed one and then it got me looking for others.  By the way, I have a question for you.  Do people that put those signs in their yard do it because a) they want everyone to know who they're voting for or b) they actually think a yard sign may influence someone else's vote?  I've always wondered that.  I have nothing against putting a sign in your yard, just wondering what the thought process behind it is.  What do you guys think?

Let me start by saying I don't really get into politics.  Why?  Honestly, because I think they're all liars.  Do I vote?  Yes.  Do I feel the need to share who I vote for?  Not really, although it's not a huge secret.  Tyler and I discuss/debate politics, but we don't argue over it.  We respect each others opinions.  We (almost) always cancel each others vote out.  But I think it's important to share our thoughts with each other because we may just learn something.  In the end though, we both agree that all politicians are big fat liars.  The photo below pretty much sums it up.

Luckily we have a DVR so I rarely have to sit through the annoying commercials.  I can't believe we still have over a month of these obnoxious ads.  I'm amazed at how much money they waste on those.  Oh well, it's never going to change.

What else drives me crazy?  Political rants on Facebook.  Now don't get me wrong, people should post their opinions if they feel the need.  I mean I'm sure a lot of my Facebook friends don't care about the poopy diaper I just changed or whatever else I post about my kids.  But Facebook is meant to share what's on your mind.  So if politics are on your mind, go for it!  What is wrong though in my opinion?  Arguing, putting other people's opinions down, name calling and actually writing angry/hateful comments on other people's posts (you know, all those things you learned in Kindergarten).

Is someone really an idiot (or whatever else name you use) just because they don't think the same way you do?  Is it really worth getting into a heated debate on Facebook when you know damn well you will never see eye to eye?  No matter what anyone in the conversation says, they likely aren't going to change your mind and you're not going to change theirs.  If you are doing it because you want people to know your stance, fine.  But don't expect that anything you say will change their opinion.

Just like the importance of breastfeeding or whether or not to immunize your child or whether organic food is really *that* much better for you, there are facts and research to support both sides.  But we only pay attention to the stuff that we want to believe.  You can take one statistic and look at it from so many different viewpoints.  And who's to say which one is right?  Just because you think that way doesn't make it "right".

Anyway, these are just my opinions and thoughts.  I just needed to vent a little bit on the subject so thanks for listening.  And just please remember that even though you believe one thing, it doesn't mean the rest of the world has to believe it too.  Go out and vote for who you believe in.  But don't put others down for voting for who they believe in.


  1. I couldve wrote that whole post.

  2. I hate politics. I pretty much believe that every president will do an equally ok/crappy job, however you want to look at it haha. Honestly no matter who the president has been over the years I've never seen a noticeable difference in my life because of anything they've done--maybe I'm lucky (or unlucky lol)

    And I would agree about the fb rants. I find them just as annoying as all the religious posts that flood my page! I don't care who anyone votes for and I will not be reposting your picture of people falling off the cliff into a fire pit just because the picture says I will go to hell if I don't "share" it. Pretty sure if there is a God he has better things to do than monitor people's facebook habits ;-)

    ....sometimes facebook is pretty annoying LOL

  3. Amen!!! It drives me crazy that people freak out if they find out you don't agree with them. So im sticking with my baby pictures of Hudson and they can just hate me for that on FB ;)

  4. I don't get into politics either. I don't like them! I agree with a lot of what you said here.

    I have often wondered the point of yard signs too. :)

  5. Amy, I couldn't believe when I saw you wrote this post because Matt and I were having this same conversation last night, and I basically stated your views word for word. I can't stand politics because of the superiority/inferiority complex it gives people. I'm not so naive that I think everyone will always agree on everything, but at least people could be respectful of each others' differing opinions. And I love the cartoon you found. I think the VAST majority of politicians are corrupt (can't say all...but it sure seems like it), and if people would put half of the effort they put into judging others into demanding reform in our political system, we could at least have a better starting point. Sorry...I didn't mean to go off on a tangent! I just get really frustrated at the way politics will make people treat each other. :(

  6. Ditto!!!