September 11, 2012

Happy 20 months Kyla! (a couple days late)

Dear Kyla,

I know everyone says it, including me every month, but I cannot believe how fast you are growing up.  You are going to be turning TWO in a few months!  I am starting to think about your birthday party already.  Your birthday is so close to Christmas, but I still want to make it special each year.  You deserve it.  Speaking of Christmas, I am so excited for this year.  I can't wait to see how excited you are and to see what Santa brings you.

You became a big sister this month and just like your Daddy and I expected, you are the best big sister EVER!  The first thing you do every morning is run in to see your baby brother.  You love to pat him nicely and give him kisses.  He is so lucky to have such a loving big sister.

 It is so much fun watching your little personality grow.  You make us laugh every day with your silliness.  I'm so happy I get to share every moment with you and be here for you every day.

We love you always!

Mom & Dad

PS - Sorry I have only been doing your monthly updates every two months.  I hope you'll forgive me.  You just keep me so busy!  Once you turn two, I think I'll do an update every six months.  Maybe three.  We'll see :)

Weight:  29.8 pounds
Height: She was 32.3 inches at 18 months and we don't take her back to the doctor until 24 months so I'm not sure how tall she is.
Teeth:  All but your 2-year molars
Diaper:  Size 5
Clothes: 2T
Shoe:  Size 5
Hair: Red with some lighter streaks
Eyes: blue

What you've been up to:
~You are still obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and have no interest in any other cartoons.
~You love to have Mommy and Daddy count to you.  You put things in a cup one at a time so we can count.  You also like to point to the things on your flashcards while we count.
~Your favorite activities lately are coloring and painting.  Water colors and do-a-dots are your favorites.  You like to draw with pens too.  You seem a little bored with crayons right now.
~You like to draw outside with sidewalk chalk.  We have to put you directly in the bath tub though because you are full of chalk.
~You talk up a storm all day.  I wish I knew what you were saying!
~You started saying your baby brother's name.  It sounds like "Ace" but it's absolutely adorable.
~You're fascinated with lights and ceiling fans.
~You are becoming a great helper.  You like to get a new diaper for me for Kase and throw everything away for me.
~You still use a Nuk when you sleep, but we will be getting rid of them soon.  You have two and they both have holes in them and we aren't going to buy anymore.  I think you're starting to wonder why they don't work the same.
~You're still afraid of boys.  All boys, except for Daddy.  Your uncles.  Your grandpas.  Your male nurse.  You are not a fan of any of them, but you do warm up to your uncles and grandpas eventually.
~You love to wrestle with Daddy.
~You go to bed around 8:00 and have been waking up at 8:00 sharp each morning.
~You're taking one nap a day, usually for 2-3 hours.
 ~Daddy puts you to bed at night after you read "Goodnight Moon" together.
~You give hugs and kisses now, but only when you feel like it.

You're still at an age that is very difficult to get good pictures.  But I am going to share them anyway so we always have them to look back on.

You would paint all day if I let you!

Silly faces (and horrible lighting with the windows open)

"Dis?"  You ask me what everything is in the books.

I decided to let you have a sucker on your 20 month birthday.  What a cool mom, right?  Well, you were deathly afraid of it and refused to take a lick.  I wonder how long this will last?  Silly girl!

You carried it around for awhile, but looked disgusted the entire time.

I love your hair in a pony :)


"Uh oh"

Love those counting bears!

Happy 20 months big girl!


  1. Happy 20 months!

    That's too funny about the sucker...Brielle loves them so much that she practically eats the stick when she's done LOL. Probably better that she is scared of them though, because we can't go to the bank or post office now without begging for suckers ;-)

  2. Happy 20 months miss Kyla

    Kyla and my 3 year old weigh the same. Shes getting so big. Her painting pictures are too cute

  3. Happy 20 months to Kyla! I can't believe she is going to be 2 soon!

    I love her hair in that pony; so cute!