September 30, 2012

Tot School - 20 1/2 months

Tot School
Kyla is currently 20 1/2 months

Tot School posts are back!  I haven't been able to do as much planning though with two little ones so I won't have Tot Trays set up for awhile.  I am just going to be sharing what Kyla has been up to each week.

This week we worked hard on being able to recognize colors.  She loves painting with do-a-dots so I put them all out on the table and I would ask her which one was red, blue, etc.  I was really excited when she would point to the right one and grab for it.  She got red, blue and green every time, but doesn't know orange, yellow and purple as well.


We are also working a lot on our ABC's.  I sing them to her every time I change her diaper.  She is starting to sing along in her own little jibberish way.

She got her letter magnets out this week to play with.

My mom bought her this ABC puzzle awhile ago, but I hadn't given it to her yet.  We pulled it out the other day and she loved it.

I helped her by showing her which spot the letter went and she would figure out how to get it in there.

We sang our ABC's with this too and would point to the letters as we sang.

We painted with watercolors.  She has done this before (and loved it) with a paintbrush so I decided to change it up this week and let her paint with Qtips.  She loved this too :)

She decided to dip her finger in the dirty water and then taste it.  That was the end of this fun!

We've continued with our calendar time each morning.  You can read more about that in Thursday's post.

Playing with stacking cups

The playdoh cups were a hit this week.

 We didn't actually play with the playdoh.  She just wanted to take the cups in and out of the box and stack them up and knock them down.
Kyla's starting imaginative play so my mom brought the little play dishwasher and washing machine from her house.  Kyla loves to help Tyler and I put the clothes in the dryer so I thought she'd like that.  This morning she took all the dishes out of the dishwasher and took a spoon and cup and stirred away.  I love seeing her little imagination starting to come out.  We're getting her a kitchen for Christmas :)

Helping with the real laundry.
Throwing balls into a laundry basket.
Once they were all in the basket she would take them all out and bring them back to the bowl.

This lasted a good 30 minutes :)

And of course you have to play IN the clothes basket.
She played with her shape sorter.  She's actually getting really good at turning it until she finds the right spot to stick the shape in.
Still loving her books!
I had to sneak in a quick picture of Kase.  He was being such a good boy while Kyla and I were playing.
We don't play downstairs a whole lot right now so she was loving every second of it this week.  It's hard to haul her and Kase down there and it's freezing so I like to keep him upstairs.  But I snuggled him up and we made the trek down there this week.

 I tried to get her to point to the colors with this too.  She was more interested in stacking them.  She was able to put them all back in the correct spots though.

Our iPad has been a great investment!  She still gets about 15 minutes in the afternoon or before bed if she is good in the morning for me.  I'm still looking for good apps for toddlers so if you know of any, please let me know!

Banana stain on her shirt :)

I wanted to make a little Fall painting project since Kyla loves painting so much.  And since I'm not very creative, we just did a tree with do-a-dots.

So simple, yet she loved it!  And Daddy is excited to take it to work to hang up in his office :)

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September 28, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Mom, thank you so much for coming over yesterday and letting me lay down for a couple hours to get rid of my migraine.  You are a life saver!  Thanks for the clothes too!  Kyla is wearing a new shirt today...

Dear Kyla, you have been such a good girl all week.  Why are you being so naughty today?  I see a timeout in your  near future even if you are so stinking cute!

Dear Chase, did you really need to create a mobile app so my husband can track my purchases?  Ugh, busted!

Dear Tyler, you have been complimenting me on Kyla's cute outfits all week so that makes it all better that I spent money on them, right?  I mean how can I turn down this cuteness?

Dear Badgers, please get your act together so we don't get embarrassed tomorrow night against Nebraska.

Dear Kase, thank you for sleeping 6 straight hours last night.  You are already 5 weeks old today!

Dear St. Mary's Nurses, thank you for the amazing care while I was in the hospital and for the sweet card you sent me.  I've never had such awesome, thoughtful nurses.  All of you.  Thank you!

Dear Bri, thank you SO much for the gifts!  You are too sweet.  Kyla has been loving her flash cards.  I have been trying to practice the words with her, but her favorite thing to do is put them in the box, close it up and take them back out.  It's a really fun box :)  Thanks again for everything!

Dear Bloggers, thank you for answering my questions from the other day.  And also for putting up with my political rant yesterday.  You're the best!

Dear Followers, thanks for following along with my daily rants.  I'm only 4 away from 100.  I think we should have a party when I get to 100.  As in a giveaway of some kind.  What do you think?

Dear Incisions, I'm glad you are healing, but can you please not itch so much?  You're driving me crazy!  (Don't worry guys, I don't have a picture for this one :)

Dear Samsung Galaxy S3, you rock!

Dear 6:00 pm, please hurry and get here so Daddy will be home.  I've got big plans for tonight - a nice, long shower, watch Grey's from last night and go to bed early so I can get up early tomorrow to clean for our company.

Dear 30, speaking of our company, we're having my family over tomorrow night for a mini (early) birthday party to watch the Badger game.  I'm not afraid of you 30.  I'm ready.  Bring. It. On.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Check back on Sunday for the return of Tot School!