August 17, 2012

Vacation Wish List

One night Tyler and I were talking about places we'd like to visit when our kids are a little older.  At least old enough to travel and not be a huge pain in the butt.  I want our kids to experience things that we didn't as kids.  I want to do things as a family and have things that we can look forward to.  We created this list:

New York City
Mount Rushmore
Washington DC
Grand Canyon
Disney World
St. Louis
Niagra Falls
Minnesota (Mall of America)
Badger away games
Brewer away games

I want to be able to take them on a mix of educational and fun trips.  Tyler and I haven't been to most of these places so it will be great for us to experience too.  And some of them we'd fly, but some of them we could easily do road trips.  Obviously there are international destinations I'd love to go to, but I'm staying with the US for now and anything outside the US will be extra awesome!

What are we missing?  Where have you been with kids that you recommend?  Or are there places you've been that are not worth it?


  1. Good list! I've been to DC twice and I'd definitely recommmend waiting to do that maybe when the kids are in middle school. So much of the must see stuff there is not very entertaining for little ones. We have been to Niagra Falls and that is fun--but definitely a full day there is pushing it, so if you head that way I'd fine other things to do in the area as well. Take me to Haiwaii with you! ;-)

  2. Good list. The only place I've been to on your list is Hawaii but that was before I had kids but I know ppl whove brought there kids. It's beautiful there. I love the idea of visiting these places as a family, it makes it fun

  3. I am thinking you will need a sitter to go along with you guys. So Kyla wants her grandma to go to, Hawaii,Niagra Falls and Mount Rushmore with you. lol


  4. My parents took us on family vacations at least every other year. I would have to say though, my favorite by far was Yellowstone National Park. It is amazing! Tons of wildlife and absolutely beautiful views. I plan to take my kids there someday.

    1. That was my most memorable trip as a kid too :-) Definitely a must visit place!

  5. When you go to the Mall of America, make sure you visit the under water adventure thing. And make some time to go to the Science Museum of Minnesota in St Paul. My kids loved it, great for grade-school age