August 6, 2012

The Never Ending To-Do List

If you remember from last weekend, my nesting has begun.  And it has continued.  I have had a list of things I wanted to get done on our white board on the fridge.  I swear every time I cross something off, two more things get added.  The good part is that none of it needs to be done before the baby comes.  We have all the necessities done and ready for his arrival.

Tyler's last day at his old job was Friday and he doesn't start his new job until Thursday.  Yay!  It's so nice having him home.  It's too bad we both can't be stay at home parents.  We make a damn good team.  Unfortunately the pay isn't great and we have bills to pay and kids to feed :)

Kyla and I are both getting spoiled.  She is getting all kinds of extra attention, more outside play time, more trips to the park, more wrestling with Daddy.  I am getting all kinds of help around the house (yard mowed, van vacuumed out, all the baby's wall stuff hung up.  Oh, and did I mention he bought us an iPad?  Sorry ladies, he's all mine!

Speaking of the iPad, Kyla and I are in love!  I haven't installed many apps so far, but the few I have found for Kyla have been a huge hit.  Her favorite is the barnyard one.  It is basically just a screen full of animals, trees, etc.  She takes her cute little pointer finger and touches things and they make a noise.  The pig oinks, cow moos, pond makes the fish jump, cloud makes it rain, etc.  She absolutely loves it.  She also loves the Mickey Mouse app I installed (of course).  I'm still searching for more learning apps as my intent is to let her use it to play/learn about 20 minutes each day.  I have a couple that teach colors, shapes, letters and numbers, but they are too advanced for her yet.  We do them together though, which she still enjoys.  If you have any suggestions for apps, please leave them in the comments here.  I'd love to know what apps you all are loving!

In other news, we got together with our neighbors, Erin and Dean, the other day for a play date.  Kyla really needs these play dates!  Tyler had her at the park a couple weeks ago and a cute little 22-month old girl was trying to play with her.  Kyla wouldn't let go of Tyler's leg :(  She does well with Dean, but I'm not sure if it's because she knows him or if it's because she's in the comfort of her own home.  Or maybe she was just tired that night and not in the mood to play.  Who knows, but either way, I definitely want to get her some more social interaction!

They still don't really play together yet, mostly just play with different toys.  Once in awhile though one of them will see what the other is playing with and want it.  And the one who had it first is usually done with it and moves on to something else, haha.  But they are so good together!  And they LOVED the counting bears!

Kyla loves to sit at the table and either draw/color or play with play-doh.  She likes to crawl up on a chair (without her booster seat) like a big girl.  She can barely reach what's on the table, but it's adorable to see her try :)

This time Mama made her sit in her booster (and sorry about the lighting - I guess I should have closed the shade behind her)

We started taking her to a new park, which has sand by the swings.  Boy, does she love the sand and getting dirty!  I've added a sand box to her Christmas list :)

Not much else going on here.  I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and have my weekly checkup in the morning.  I think they will be checking my cervix so we'll see if anything is happening.  Thanks for all your guesses on when he'll arrive.  I can't wait to see who's closest! 


  1. I too have added a sandbox to Nicolas' Christmas list!

  2. Awe look how much fun the kiddos are having. The iPad is great isn't it!!

  3. Oh you will love your IPad---and don't worry my oldest was SO shy for a long time, but she will break out of her shell the more she is around other kids:) Good luck with the last weeks of pregnancy!