August 8, 2012

Our lovely little Wednesday

We took Kyla to Toddler time this morning.  I haven't been taking her much because all she does is run around and I can't keep up with her.  So I figured I'd have Tyler go with us this morning since she needs to play with other kids and he'd be there to help.  She had a lot of fun!  Sorry, no pictures though!  After the kids play, they do a little circle time and sing songs.  Kyla wanted nothing to do with that.  She wanted to play!  They did some painting, which she enjoyed and then had snack and more play time.  I was happy to see her running around having a good time with the other kids and not just standing by Tyler and I.  She wanted nothing to do with us :)

She's still loving her iPad!  Daddy took a few pictures last night and even though I look huge, I thought I'd share.  She gets so excited when we let her play with it.

I think she's giving a thumbs up to Daddy for buying such an awesome gift!

There's a spot on the Mickey app where some ducks fall out of the toy box and you're supposed to drag them back in.  After me showing her how to do the first one, she took the other 9 ducks and drug them up into the toy box, one right after another.  Tyler and I looked at each other and were amazed that she caught on that fast and knew exactly what to do.  I'm still searching for more learning apps, but we have the Barnyard and Mickey in the meantime.

And a few pictures from coloring at the table...

Tomorrow Daddy goes to work at his new job.  And Kyla will be 19 months old!  I am going to try to get some cute pictures for a monthly update post, but I'm not making any promises :)

Friday my mom is coming over and bringing my nieces, Emma and Gianna.  They have been gone over a month visiting my sister-in-law's family so I can't wait to see them.  And Kyla absolutely LOVES them.  Her face lights up every time she sees them.  We're going to play, order pizza for dinner and go to the park when Daddy/Uncle gets home from work.

Let's see, what else?  Oh, I'm still pregnant and nesting.  Today I cleaned Kyla's room and reorganized her closet.

Yes, her dark green wall is still bare because I just can't find anything I like and I figure we'll be repainting her room soon when she gets a big girl bed.

If you remember the last time I showed her closet, you'll remember that the top shelf was full of junk.  I bought the plastic drawer thing from Target.  The top drawer has all her clips and headbands and the second drawer has socks.  The bottom two are empty for now, but I know they will be overflowing soon enough for the amount of clothes this girl has!

I finally took some pictures of the baby room to share with you all.  I have to leave one out though - the one with his name hanging above his crib :)

The crib skirt and window valance were made by my aunt Linda.  I love them :)

My brother and sister-in-law gave us their old changing table.  Our plan was to pack ours away and just use this one since it was white.  However, we realized it fit perfectly in his closet and works great for extra storage.  I love it in there.  And there is a huge stack of diapers off to the left in there :)

I got this ABC canvas from Target and I'd like to get a little lamp for his dresser.  For now it's just a lonely little dinosaur night light.

Ready for a cute little boy!

I also went through all of Kyla's baby stuff downstairs to see if there was any gender neutral clothing that the baby can wear.  I found a few Badger things that he can wear this fall.  I also cleaned the windows, which I'm sure will have smudged hand prints all over them by morning.  And tonight I treated myself (and Tyler) to ice cream.  Surprise, surprise, right?

I think that's all for tonight.  I'm going to fold laundry and watch the Olympics!


  1. Everything looks so great, Amy!

  2. I love the crib! White furniture just may be my weakness :)

  3. Looks perfect! And I'm so glad that I can easily imagine what his name looks like over the crib ;-)

    1. That's right Shawna you know his name don't you?


  4. I'm loving the super organized closets!