August 31, 2012

Kase's Birth Story

At about 10:00 pm on Thursday, August 23rd, I had this weird feeling that it might be the night.  I decided to take a shower just in case I went into labor and I would be ahead of the game.  Heaven forbid I have to go to the hospital without showing or shaving!  However, at this point in my pregnancy, I was overly superstitious so I didn't dry my hair.  I went to bed with it wet, which causes crazy bed head.  In my crazy mind, I thought if I dried and straightened my hair, it wouldn't happen.  If I let it go and be crazy, I would go into labor and would have to wash it again.  Haha, call me crazy :)

So while laying in bed with wet hair, I started feeling some light contractions at about 11:30pm.  I didn't get my hopes up because I had these in the past and they were all false alarms.  After about five or six good ones, I got up and washed my hair again in the kitchen sink.  I then woke Tyler up to let him know that I was having contractions and I was going to blow dry my hair and get ready, just in case.

I crawled back in bed and started timing the contractions.  At this point, Tyler was wide awake and too excited to sleep.  We debated on when we should call my mom to come up.  We kept saying "If I have one more, we'll call her."  About four or five contractions later, I knew it was time.  I called her at 1:45am and she was on her way.

She had about a 45 minute drive so that gave us time to get ready, finish packing our bags, and I of course wanted to do some last minute cleaning of the house.  My mom got here at about 2:40.  I went in and peeked on Kyla sleeping and started crying.  I wrote her a note on our fridge board for the morning.

We left the house at 2:50 and arrived at the hospital at 3:20.  My contractions were really bad at this point and anywhere from 4-7 minutes apart.  It took me awhile to get up to the triage/delivery floor because I kept having to stop for the contractions.  They got me hooked up to the monitors and checked me and I was already at 4cm.  They were surprised how close together and intense my contractions were and how fast I was moving along.  They told me they were having a very busy night and they had to call in a nurse from home for me, but that they'd try to get me into a room soon.  I was getting impatient at this point because I wanted an epidural and knew it was going to be awhile.

After what seemed like forever, I got into a room and they got the epidural ordered.  I was throwing up with the really intense contractions.  I couldn't lay down so I stood in the bathroom and held onto the towel rack.  This time seemed like it was going so slow and the contractions were getting stronger with each one.

I think the anesthesiologist came in around 5:00 and by 5:30 I finally had some relief!  They checked me again and I was 5-6 cm and I knew things would slow down a little bit after the epidural.  Although the epidural was so worth it and I'd never do it without, it only worked on my left side at first.  I could still feel contractions (although not as strong) on my right side.  My left leg was completely numb, but I could still feel everything in my right leg.  So the nurse flipped me over a few times and put some more medicine in.

Tyler and I both got a little sleep.  My doctor came in around 9:30 and I was still only 6 cm so he decided to break my water.  Things started moving a lot quicker after that.  The nurse kept telling me how strong my contractions were and how quickly they were coming.  Luckily, I couldn't feel a thing!

I started feeling the urge to push around 11:00am.  I was 9cm and needed to wait it out for a little bit.  At about 11:45, there was still a little bit of cervix in the way, but I couldn't wait any longer.  I needed to push!  They had me do just a little light pushing at first to try to get rid of that last part of cervix.  At 11:57, I started pushing for real (they told me the time later, I wasn't watching the clock, haha).  And at 12:09pm, Kase Bradley was born!

He was immediately put on my chest and I will never forget that moment.  This is when Tyler got a little light headed and had to lay down on the couch.  When we had Kyla, we were worried that he wouldn't make it through the birth because he has such a weak stomach, but he didn't have any problems!  He's still not sure what caused it this time.  On his way back over to me, he said he accidentally got a peek of the doctor taking care of the after birth stuff.  Back to the couch he went!  The nurse kept asking him if he was ok.  He just needed a second to breathe.  But then he was back over by me checking out his adorable son.

I felt great right after I had him.  I told the nurse I didn't even feel like I just had a baby.  They were getting everything cleaned up, Kase was getting weighed and measured, and I was busy texting our families with the news.  And then it hit me.  Out of nowhere I got sick and threw up.  I have no idea why, but I ordered some food shortly after and felt much better.  At 3:00 pm they moved us up to the 5th floor where we would stay for a couple days.  My left leg was still numb all night, which was starting to worry me.  I couldn't even walk, it was the weirdest feeling.  By the next day though, it was back to normal and I could get up and walk by myself. 

A little while after her baby brother was born, Kyla came to visit!

We are so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful babies.  I blogged about Kyla's Birth Story last September and hadn't read it for awhile.  It was fun to read it this morning.  I'm thankful that I started this blog so I will always have these memories.  And it's kind of crazy how similar their stories are.  With Kyla, we got to the hospital at 1:00 am and had her at 1:04 pm.  With Kase, we got there at 3:20 am and had him at 12:09 pm.  After reading her birth story again, I had my epidural with her at almost the exact same time.  While it was all happening with Kase last Friday, Tyler and I said a couple times how it was all happening so similar to Kyla.

Our doctor and nurses were fantastic and made our experience so great.  I couldn't have asked for a better birth story for our handsome little guy.


  1. Great birth story! I had to laugh about Tyler haha ;-)

    I was always shocked that I never once felt sick during my labors....because I was always constantly sick during the pregnancies!

  2. Nice story, Amy. I enjoyed reading it.
    Grandma Barb

  3. What a great birth story.
    I threw up with both my girls during labor. It's always fun to look back on birth stories and see how similar they are

    I received my bag today, thank you. It's adorable. It will now be baby Kendall's hospital bag

  4. I worry about Cory in the delivery room someday too, he doesn't have the strongest stomach either lol.