August 1, 2012

Customer Service Research Study

I have a "thing" about good customer service.  I'm not sure if it's because of my past work experiences or I just have certain expectations because I think it's common sense.  I don't need anyone to go out of their way to do something nice for me.  But I expect common courtesy.  And to be honest, I am amazed at how awful the service is at so many places.  So I decided to do a little research study for awhile and keep track of how the service was at different places that I went.  I gave them each a grade along with some comments.

Motherhood Maternity - D.  You can read all about my experience here.  They would get an F, but they did end up exchanging my items.  But the D is for how they treated me and the attitude they had.

Target - It really is hit or miss with Target so I'm giving them a C.  They have so many people working there at all different age groups.  I have had a few young girls that don't even greet me.  I think it's common courtesy to say "Hi, how are you?" and "Thanks, have a good day!"  I get annnoyed when they just start scanning my stuff and do whatever they can to not talk to me.  But I've had others that have been fantastic and even loaded my bags into the cart for me after seeing my belly.

Burreson's (local grocery store) - B.  It is usually pretty good, but once in awhile I'll get a snotty teenager that obviously would rather be out partying with their friends.  Most of the employees are younger kids and do a really good job.  I must have lower expectations for kids because I'm always impressed when they are great.

Applebee's - A.  We went out to eat with Tyler's brothers one night and I thought the service was good.  Not over the top, but I don't need that.  He was there to greet us, take our orders, fill our drinks when they needed it, clean off the table in a timely manner, etc.  The manager came out to ask us if everything was ok.  The guys made fun of this, but I think it's a nice gesture.  I think it's important for managers to know what's going on in their stores/restaurants and not just hide behind a desk.  Overall, a pleasant experience.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - A as in Amazing!  Our waitor was excellent.  The young guy who came around with bread and water was very nice.  The manager came out to check on us.  And it helps that the food there is to die for!  Crazy expensive, but so good.  Like $37 for my petite steak expensive.  But the service was phenomenal.

Pizza Hut - A.  I went out to eat with my mom and Brian and the waitress was good.  Similar to Applebee's, she did what we needed her to do and was friendly.  See, it's not rocket science people :)

Micheal's - A.  This was awhile ago (I think around Easter).  I had a coupon from my newspaper that I was going to use, but then I realized I had a coupon on my Micheal's app on my phone that I could use.  Unfortunately I realized it after she had run my credit card and the transaction was complete.  The coupons were a little confusing so I wasn't sure which one would give me the best deal.  The employee returned all of the items (having to scan each one again) and started all over with the new coupon.  Of course we found out that the first coupon was the best deal so she had to do it all over again one more time.  I don't know many people that would go through all that for a customer, but she was great!

Union Bank & Trust (my local bank) - I'd love to give them an A, but it's gotta be a B.  Unfortunately in this case, one bad seed can ruin it for everyone.  I always go through the drive thru when I have deposits to make for Thirty-One because it's a pain to take Kyla inside.  And I almost always get one of two older ladies.  They are both wonderful.  So kind and always smile and wave at Kyla in the back seat.  But once in a great while I'll get this young girl who doesn't even acknowledge me when I pull up.  She does one of those "I'm looking at you, what do you need?" things that really irritates me.  And when she sends my deposit slip back through the slider thing, she doesn't say anything.  I always say "thanks" and she just kind of mumbles "you're welcome".

This isn't really customer service related, but does anyone else think it's rude to NOT hold the door for someone?  For example, if you're walking into a store or a gas station and someone is directly behind you, do you hold the door or let it shut on them?  I don't expect you to wait forever for me to get to the door, but if I'm right behind you?  I don't know why, but these little things irk me.  With all the craziness going on in the world, I just think it's important to be kind to people.  Smile or say hi to a stranger, let someone go in front of you in line at the store if you both got there at the same time, wave when someone lets you in their lane while driving.  Don't go through life being a grump!  And teach your kids the importance of kindness!

Anyway, I'd love to hear some of your experiences, good and bad.  I really do tend to avoid places based on my experiences.

Lastly, my doctor appointment got rescheduled for tomorrow morning so I will do my 36 week update after that.  If you haven't made your guesses yet, do it here.  You have until Friday night.  Lots of guesses around August 20th and around 8 pounds :)  I was thinking about when I thought he would come so I figured I'd make a guess just for fun.  I'm going to say August 17th at 11:36 am, 7 lbs 11 oz (like his big sister) and 21 inches. 


  1. Well if i was doing a study Farm and Fleet would get a F. I had a girl not say one word to me or Brian while she was scanning our stuff. But she was to the next girl saying "I should of stayed home today". The other checker came over and said to me "sorry but we have had a bad day today". I told her "well sorry but it's not our fault and don't take it out on us". She said "I know". I told Brian very clearly that I was going to the truck, that I could not stand bad customer service, and that he could finish up with those two girls. Haven't been back.


  2. I agree with you on this post! It really doesn't take that much to be courteous!

    Right before I ended up on bed rest, we were out running to Walgreens to get Joe's meds. It was evening time. Walgreens didn't have it so we ran across the road to CVS. Neither of us had ever been to CVS and I don't think we will ever go back to one, unfortunately due to just 1 employee. What happened is they were closing in like 5 minutes, which I understand is frustrating when you have someone come in at that time, but still...

    Anyway, this employee says to Joe as he walks in, "We are closing; you have 30 seconds!" Then, she paraded back in forth in front of the door glaring at me out in my car as if I did anything. Then she came out to her hubby who was sitting in the car next to us waiting for her, she bent down by his window complaining and staring at me and then said something about being "F-ing pissed".

    Needless to say, Joe was really upset she was taking it out on me, so he got in touch with the manager the next day.

  3. That was some serious observation, Amy. I see, you gave an‘A’ to most of the places you’ve been to – that’s quite impressive. It only proves that customer service is very important to these establishments, and that it is being enforced by well-mannered employees and staff.

    Ruby Chelmsford