July 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was awesome and started out with a big Monopoly win for yours truly on Friday night :) 

Tyler's brother and his girlfriend got engaged on Friday so they came over to celebrate on Saturday.  We met them and his other brother out for dinner, which was really nice.  Kyla was a little bit of a stinker at first, but as soon as her pizza came, she was too busy shoveling it down to be naughty.

We had a little time to spare before we met for dinner so we made a stop at the mall.  Tyler kindly bought me some new running shoes.  We're planning on buying a treadmill around October sometime so I can lose this baby weight over the winter.

They're much prettier in person, like a coral color :)

And we had to make a quick Target run on the way home so I treated myself to some flowers :)

Today we had my family over for a cookout.  Despite the heat (I think it got up to 97), we had a lot of fun.  The girls got to swim and play in the sprinkler.  We grilled out.  We came inside a few times to catch our breath.  And back outside we went to sweat some more!

Enjoy some pictures of our day.  And although it looks like we're in the deserts of Arizona, this is actually our back yard.  We are in desperate need of rain here.  The girls had to keep their flip flops on because the grass feels like needles.

My mom bought this canopy, which came in very handy!

Family is the best!

Getting the squirt guns ready!


My cute Goddaughter Gianna :)

Thinking about getting a drink before it all runs out the bottom

This was my best effort to get a picture of the three girls.

My sweet niece Emma and Grandpa Todd in the background trying to stay in the shade.

Sprinkler time!

Hahaha, this is the first thing Gianna did when Tyler turned the sprinkler on.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!  The funniest part was how she wiggled her butt though.  I wish I had it on video!

Kyla wasn't so sure about it.

She'd rather hang out in the pool


Kyla loves her cousins so much!  She wants to be a big girl like them!

I think she was pinching her cheeks, haha.

Filling up!

She got a hold of Daddy's beer!

If that's not a guilty look, I don't know what is!
Eating grapes with Uncle Matt.  Actually I think she was just feeding them to him.

Getting Uncle with the hose

Mmm, so thirsty!

Watching her crazy cousins spray her daddy

Check out those sexy legs!

Reading with Uncle Mark
Amber and the girls leave Tuesday for Pennsylvania to see her family for over a month so it was nice getting together today.  As much fun as it was though, I am exhausted and in pain!  Time to kick my feet up and watch some Sunday night TV!

We're looking forward to the Brewer game tomorrow!


  1. Great pictures! I love Kyla's swimsuit :-) I can't believe how yellow your grass is!! It's been dry here too, but so far our grass is still decently green luckily.

  2. Love the new running shoes! I look forward to getting mine back on too, but it probably won't be until Spring since we don't have a treadmill.

    Kyla looks like she is starting to really enjoy the water!

    I can just feel how hot it is from all your pictures - yikes!!!

    And, wow, your grass is super dry. I guess that is probably what ours looks like here too, I just don't know.