July 20, 2012

Fun day at the zoo!

We took Kyla to the zoo today and had a great time!  We went last summer, but since she was only about six months old, she didn't really have any interest in the animals.  Today she loved the bigger animals that she could see.  But she takes after her Grandma Karen and likes to people watch :)  It will be fun to take her again next summer to see her get even more excited.  And it was hot, but not too bad.  There is a lot of shade and benches so I had to take a few breaks.

She wouldn't take her eyes off the bear.

Luckily she let us keep her in the stroller for the most part.  Daddy got her out to see the animals if she couldn't see them from the stroller.
Daddy, you're the best!
Favorite animal?  By far, the giraffes!  She thought they were so funny!

Look Mama, a giraffe!

I'm pretty sure she would have stood here all day if we let her.
I took her on the carousel on our way out.  It was the best $2 I have ever spent!  She absolutely loved it and was getting all kinds of attention.  The entire time it was moving she was laughing and squealing.  Everyone watching was laughing at her.  I'm so glad I decided to go with her :)

 She was out in about 5 minutes in the van!

I bought her a little bubble gun the other day at Target for 30% off.  Surprisingly, she has never really done bubbles before.  She was not quite sure of them today.

And then tonight she played with her water table.

Basically she took this cup, filled it with water and dumped it down her dress.

Here's just a quick picture from last night.  We went to a tailgate party that Tyler's work put on.

We're trying to think of something fun to do with Kyla tomorrow since I have a Thirty-One party on Sunday and then Tyler goes back to work on Monday.  Maybe we'll take her swimming? 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Swimming? I know where you can go swimming! Ha. These are such adorable pics!

  2. What a fun day! Raya LOVES the carousel, but I've never tried taking Brielle---guess I should! :-)

  3. Awe look at her big smiles while at the zoo. So fun. Her hair is getting so long

  4. Looks like you all had a great time. We love going to the zoo! That gate for the bear exhibit is tiny tho :/ I would be scared lol! I want to get a water table for my son but I know that he would do the same as Kayla by getting himself wet rather than play "nicely" I guess that's what a toddler does though. Love love love her gorgeous hair!