July 16, 2012

Tot School - 18 months

Tot School

I didn't have a theme for the week so I am just posting a random collection of things we did this past week.  We are taking this week off of Tot School since Daddy will be home all week.  We're going to be out doing all kinds of fun things as a family!  But I plan on getting back to our color themes the week after.

Kyla got this Melissa & Doug Fishing Puzzle from her Godmother, Kirsten, and absolutely loves it!

As she gets older, she will understand the "fishing" part a little more.  For now she just takes the red magnetic part and hooks onto one of the sea animals.  She gets so excited when she gets one!

I brought out her Geo Forms Sorting Puzzle again this week, which she always loves.

Carefully stacking

I guess her teddy's wanted to watch her do Tot School today :)

Back to the fishing puzzle

I got our color flash cards out to do some color matching.  She isn't able to do this on her own, but she likes having me help her.  

I tried to snap of picture of her getting so excited when we were doing this color matching.  She would hand me a shape and I would say the color and tell her where to put it.  She'd put it on the color card and I would say "Good job!" and she would get so excited.  I could have done this all day.  It was so stinking cute!

Taking a break to read a book on her rocker

She likes going out to get the mail with Tyler and I so I made her a little mailbox of her own.  I realize it doesn't look like an actual mailbox, but she enjoys it.  I just wrapped up an old Pampers box.  I give her our junk mail and she likes to drop it in the box each day.

I cut the bottom out so I guess it makes a good hiding spot too :)

I got her some Mickey Mouse counting cards awhile ago from the Target dollar section so she enjoys putting those in there too.

She has been enjoying her Leap Frog Fridge Farm a lot more lately.  Before she would get frustrated because she couldn't get the pieces in, but still liked listening to the music.  Now she can get the pieces in.  Next step is matching the animals correctly.

We have been enjoying a lot more outside time this week since it wasn't as hot.  She loves to help water flowers.

One of her favorite toys is her Lil' Baker Smart Kitchen.  We love to pretend to eat the soup and she likes putting the cake, cheese and bread (circle, triangle and square) into the oven.  She can get the circle and square, but still struggles with the triangle.

We went to Toddler Time this week and Kyla made a watermelon craft.

She played with clothes pins again.  She still hasn't got the hang of pinching them, but just pulls them off the bowl.

I decided to try play-doh again this week.  If you remember, she has had nothing to do with it in the past.  But today, she loved it and played with it for a good 30 minutes.

She did a lot better with the do-a-dots this week too.  She still enjoys taking the cap off and putting it on.  But she also did lots of dotting :)

Check back in two weeks for the return of our color themes!  And to see what other Tot School mom's are doing, go here.


  1. So cute! You have some really great ideas that I'm going to steal! :)

  2. We have that fishing puzzle too :-)

    Love the mailbox idea!

  3. I love the mailbox idea!

  4. I want to do that mailbox idea because it's so cute! Nicolas has that fridge barn also and loves it..I ask him to get the pieces of whatever animal and he sometimes gets it right.. :)

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